Sunset Valley Redo Project Update

Before I tackle creating a new diving area lot for Sunset Valley this week, I wanted to post an update of my progress with injecting IP into SV.

The center square area of town includes:
Civic Center, 333 Main Street
Nautical Museum, 525 Skyborough Blvd
Blue Sky Movie Theater, 527 Skyborough Blvd
The Old Paradise Pub, Mirabello Plaza
Los Libros Library, 101 Water Lily Lane
*Click on photos to enlarge

Fae Ray Gardens, 210 Main Street
I wasn’t willing to use EA’s big park, and wasn’t happy using even my redone version of it. So, I took my favorite redone park (Fae Ray Gardens from Moonlight Falls), adapted it for the larger lot, and now SV has a light, airy and pretty park.

Mind, Body, Spirit Fitness (Gym), Mirabello & Main
Sweet Water Pool, Mirabello & Main
Nautilus Laboratories, 2 Pi R Cilium Lane
Pleasant Rest Graveyard, 107 Skyborough Blvd
Crestview School & Stadium, 55 Landbraab Ave

Cliffside Resort, 500 Sunnyside Blvd (uses IP resort rabbit hole rug)
Credit to Thranduil Oropherion for the original lot that I revised for this version of SV.
Motel Avocado-Playable Resort for Sunset Valley

2 EA SV houses redone on Wright Way
3 colorful IP houses redone and added to Sun Song Ave

Old Pier Beach, 2 Sun Song Ave (some of my grasses disappeared, pay no attention to obvious gaps in greens)
Credit to Thranduil Oropherion for the original lot that I revised.
Clouds Cafe @Old Pier Beach, Sunset Valley

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Creating a SCUBA Diving Lot

I wanted to include a link to a great tutorial video that shows the process of creating your own Sims 3 diving area, but the linked content is now marked as ‘Private.’  All I have to offer is my notes, so take them and create, and please let me know if something here isn’t clear.

Creating a Diving Area (from scratch):

Enter the following cheats in order:
testingcheatsenabled true
buydebug on
enablelotlocking on

From Edit Town, place any size lot into any darker area of water.
Change the lot type to Diving Area.
Go into Build/Buy mode and and use the ‘Flatten Lot’ terrain tool.
Return to Edit Town and select a save game file name (save before the next step).
Return to Main Menu (after saving) and then return to the dive lot build saved game.
Go into Build/Buy mode and go down a level to get under water, make sure it looks okay.
Return to the water surface, go into Buy mode and click on Debug objects tab.
Misc Objects: (specify Island Paradise to limit the objects). Select a Scuba Buoy and place it near the center of the lot.
You can also place 1 or more Surface shark spawners at this time (optional) near the Scuba Buoy (buydebug: fish spawners: surface shark).  They can also be added later.
Looking directly above the Scuba Buoy, drop down to the under water level and go back into Build mode.
Using Terrain Tools, lower the terrain under the buoy a little bit and then lower further with the Level Terrain tool.
Return to the surface and move the Scuba Buoy a little bit. It should now be sitting properly in the water.
Go back under the water and use ‘Flatten Lot’ to make the ground level even.

Sculpt the lot any way you like using the Terrain Tools.
Use different terrain paints to improve the appearance of the under water lot.
From buydebug, add Under Water objects to the lot. You can also use objects in Build Mode, Misc Community Objects.

Treasure Chests: buydebug, Misc, use Island Paradise filter and select underwater treasure chest(s).
Place chest(s). Shift/Control/click on chest to bring up the special menu.
Set Required Diving Skill Level
Assign Treasure

Caves: To customize Shift/Control/click on cave to bring up the special menu.
Set Name of This Underwater Cave, etc.

Spawners: find in buydebug and place around lot.
Underwater shark spawner
Other underwater/sea life spawners
Under rock/gem are bottle spawners
You can check under all buydebug tabs for objects to use on diving lot.

Kelp and underwater plants

To add visual effects underwater: from buydebug, Misc Objects, select Fog Emitter (blue/green color). Place & add codes.
Set Visual Effect…Codes:

When you are finished under the water, return to the surface and set the required skill level for diving.
Control/Shift/click on the Diving Buoy and select a skill level that is 1 or higher (don’t select the 0, no Sims will be able to dive).

Update 08/16/2017:
I found a tutorial written by Weealbet, the person who created the video that is no longer available.  There are screenshots included, which is a big help.

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Sunset Valley Dive Lot Test

I’ve been adding new IP-style lots to an empty Sunset Valley and since I don’t have any that I’m working on at this very moment, I decided it’s time I tested the dive lot that I added.  (Haha!)  Following the instructions for placing a pre-made dive spot, I added the 40×40 lot that I created for and use in Hylewood.

I’ve seen Sims and their boats jump when they enter and exit dive spots, and that’s perfectly okay and doesn’t affect game-play.  But swimming above water is too much, I need to start from scratch and create a dive spot specific to Sunset Valley.  A bigger and better dive spot!  Right.

The lot test started out great, my Sim got in her sailboat and headed for the dive buoy.  Then she and her boat rose, a bit much.  Diving was great, everything under water functioned as it should.  Rising to the surface and air swimming, damn.

The sun had just set – view from Old Pier Beach.
Lighting mod used: Burnt Waffles Cloud 9 with IP water, Aurora 25% (version 1.5)

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Rethinking Sunset Valley

Thank goodness we have a library/bin to save lots to and unlimited game saves because now I’m rethinking the center of town area in SV.  Yanked out the school and the Spa/Bistro and plopped down the Library, Art Museum and that big pub from IP.  Thinking of changing the interior of the pub and making it a Resort – SV is in need and I’m at a loss as to where to put one that isn’t miles from the beach.  Before I give this redo much more of my time, I should test the dive spot I added.  Shark!

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Sunset Valley is Getting the IP Treatment

I haven’t played in Sunset Valley for a long time, mostly because I played in that world so much when I started playing Sims 3. I’m still too tired of the look and the residents to go back there ‘as is.’ So, one of my projects is to inject some IP into the world by adding my favorite Isla Paradiso community and residential lots, and try and blend other lots in to fit the theme. So far, I’ve finished adding and updating 3 residential lots, and 4 community lots. I added a 40×40 diving lot that I haven’t tested yet, and I’ll eventually use NRaas Porter to add Isla Paradiso residents to my new version of Sunset Valley.

This is the new Civic Center, based off of the Civic Center from IP.  Since posting this I’ve made a change to the ground tile.Civic Center 1Civic Center 2Civic Center 3

Nautilus Laboratories, maybe too basic.Science

SV Stadium, I’m not going to use the stadium and school combo building from IP.Stadium

Sunnyside Cemetery, placed where the criminal building was originally.Graveyard

SV Learning Center, uses a school rabbit hole door.SV Learning Center

Trade Winds Spa and Bistro, Mirabello Plaza.  I wanted the spa/bistro in this location, but I didn’t want to add any other rabbit holes to the lot.  Filled in space with outdoor dining on the right, spa stuff on the left.Trade Winds 1Trade Winds 2Trade Winds 3

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Fix for UI Glitch in Build/Buy Mode

Have you ever been working on a lot for a long while and when you go to switch from Build to Buy mode (or opposite) your UI glitches out on you? Like, more than half of it is missing on the right and there is no response when you try clicking on build, buy, undo, everything?

If this happens, just simultaneously hold down the ‘Shift’ key and the ‘F4’ key. The game will take you to some random lot, and from there you can go into Edit Town and save the lot you were working on to the Library. Then you should do a ‘Save As’ and close your game. After closing, delete your compositorCache.package file. Now you can safely resume working on your lot.

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