Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part Two

Faisal walked through his new home making a mental list of items he’d need to buy at the store – cleaning supplies and a few basic tools would be enough to get him started. It wasn’t long before the vile surroundings made him gag and he ran outside for a breath of fresh air.

Dead shrubs and trees were clumped together here and there over much of the property – firmly holding their ground, too stubborn to have fallen, refusing to allow themselves to be blown away by the wind. An eerie fog clung to the dead plants, and Faisal found that it floated over the little pond behind the house too.

Looking up from the pond Faisal spotted them, the graves of Jorja and Acadia Lynsky. Two headstones, side-by-side marked their final resting place. Two small headstones, proof that at an earlier time, Jorja and Acadia lived and breathed and existed – and it was too much. Faisal broke down and cried.

Needing to get away, Faisal hopped on his bike and rode hard down the hill toward the store, the wind stinging his eyes.

While Mamie was ringing up his purchases, Faisal mentioned some of the work he wanted to do on the house, adding that he had little experience with renovations. “You want to talk to Jake. He’s handy and I’ll bet he’ll help you out. Stop by his place after 7:00. He’s usually home, unless he’s fishing of course. Jantex Oil, across the road from the police station.”

Faisal killed some time at the library across the street from Night Owl Foods, then he paid Jake a visit. It seemed that the old man knew everything about leveling floors and laying tile, replacing laminate countertops, fixing gas lines and wiring, refinishing hardwood floors, and extending rooms. “If something gives you trouble, you’ll find me at the store, or here, unless I’m fishing of course.” Faisal thanked Jake for his help and headed home.

Faisal fixed the leak in the sink, cleaned it the best he could, then mopped up the puddle on the floor.

His growling stomach reminded Faisal that he hadn’t eaten since earlier in the day – a roasted apple will have to do. With the interior of the house in shambles, Faisal preferred to sleep outdoors in his sleeping bag. Weariness and the cool night air took over and Faisal was soon fast asleep.

While he slept, little Acadia rose from her grave and sat on the ground, rocking and laughing.

Startled from his sleep, Faisal walked over to where the toddler sat. She didn’t react to his presence, it was as if he wasn’t even there. She played with her feet and her nose, looking around and right through him. Faisal returned to his bag and fell asleep once again, this time to the sound of laughter echoing through the yard.

The ghost of Jorja Lynsky joined her daughter a short time later. Jorja wandered around the property, her previous home. She entered the house and went into Acadia’s old room, staring for a moment at the toddler’s charred crib. She haunted her old bed – now rusted, the bedding in ruins. Jorja picked up her daughter and held her for a short time before the toddler returned to her grave. Jorja mourned their passing, and then joined little Acadia beneath their headstones.

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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part One

The day started out like any other day. Faisal Anwar woke early, read a few pages from his current book, showered and dressed for work. The sun was just rising when Faisal locked his apartment door – the weather was dry and clear and the bike ride to the docks was pleasant. Faisal let his mind wander as he peddled, daydreaming. For the last four months, Faisal worked at the port as a crane operator. The work itself wasn’t all that hard, but it could be stressful at times. Precision was key, as was speed. Faisal daydreamed of something different.

Only two hours into his shift Faisal dropped a shipping container. It was only a 4-foot drop, but that was enough to damage the contents. A quick estimate put the damages in the hundreds-of-thousands of Simoleons, which the company was responsible for. “You clumsy oaf!” the foreman barked. “That’s it, you’re done. Pick up your pay and get the hell off the property.”

Mimi Carson quickly calculated Faisal’s pay and handed him his last paycheck. “It’s a shame to see you go. You’re such a nice boy, always friendly. What you need is to get away, go over to the island and spend some time, it’ll be good for you.”

Faisal took Mimi’s advice and arrived on West Victoria Island by way of the Port North Ferry. He had an appointment with an agent to go over the available properties on the island. With no solid plans on how long he’d be here, and no hotels, he needed to buy a lower-priced house. Sleeping in the park wasn’t an option.

Sadie Sales looked over the available housing on the island, only six houses stood completely empty. The most expensive, Horsch House came in at around $85k, the most modest was Garden Cottage at $27k. $27k is very reasonable, especially on the island, but it was still more than Faisal wanted to spend – even if he did have those funds available in his account.

“Well, there is one more property available, but to be honest, it isn’t what we’d call completely empty.” Sadie continued, “As the story goes, there was a tragic house fire 42 years ago. The family that lived there at the time didn’t have an alarm system like most of us have today, flames leaped from the fireplace and, oh dear, so very tragic.” Near tears, Sadie explained that the woman and her child’s remains were buried on the property. That’s why the agency is unable to list the home as empty. And that’s why the town nicknamed the property ‘Haunted Brambles.’ “But really Faisal, it’s a steal. A house on a 30×25 lot priced at $14,093 is unheard of. If you’re handy, you can do most repairs yourself. A good cleaning and coats of primer and paint, and there you go, your property value will possibly double.”

With the paperwork signed, and Faisal’s check quickly stashed away, Sadie Sales congratulated Faisal on his new home. “A little push is all that house needs. You can get everything you need at Night Owl Foods, they carry more than groceries you know. Paint, lumber, tools, home furnishings, they’re all in the back. Tell Jake or Mamie that Sadie sent you.”

When Faisal arrived at the house he just bought, he was underwhelmed. Why was he so agreeable, buying a house unseen was not one of his best decisions. But he quickly checked his mood, and thought, “Challenge accepted.”

“Thank you!” to these creators:
Hellfrozeover, PolarBearSims, 99simsonthewall, and others whose lots and Sims I added to West Victoria Island.

Links can be found under my Resources page/tab.

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Best Father in Sims 3

Leighton Sekemoto was seen autonomously teaching his son Sam how to walk in their front yard. A bit later I found him teaching Sam how to talk. He gets my vote for Best Dad.

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Bulldozed Lot – Still Unable to Place New Build

After reading about players having a specific problem with some lots over the years, I recently ran into the same problem in a custom world.

Let’s say you want to delete an existing house (or other type build) and replace it with another. We would normally just use the bulldoze tool – then with the lot empty, place the new build.

But, occasionally something goes all wonky and the bulldozed lot still shows that there is something on it. Enable testing cheats and buydebug and see that there’s nothing there. What the heck.

I found that when we run into this problem, all we need to do is save the game (Save As), and exit the game. When you go back into it, the lot should show that it is completely empty and a build can then be placed. In my experience, this works.

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Ad-Free Creators United Project

Excellent, worth sharing from ThePathOfNevermore

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TS3 Exchange

Trying to take the easy route, I went over to TS3 Exchange to look for a couple of households to add to West Victoria Island.  It’s not been so easy finding CC-free Sims, so hey, I’ll look there.  OMG, I didn’t even make it through the first 14 of the most downloaded for the past month before I shuddered and logged off.
As a side note, I did download Mrs. Dubcek and Harry Solomon from MTS.  Hoping the Sims are true to character.  *I put packs of cigarettes on the juice bar where I’ll be housing Mamie Dubcek 😉 Shame.

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‘Smell The Flowers Before You Stomp On Them’ —

Yes, The Mare’s Nest is gonna get all serious and stuffs. ‘Booooring!’ ‘Whatever.’ ***Gigglesnort!*** Etc. Well if this gets at least one of you out there to get off your fat doughnut munching arses into taking some action, why not? It’s been a week since over five hundred were injured and fifty eight shot dead […]

via ‘Smell The Flowers Before You Stomp On Them’ —

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