Spare a Square

I wish that when Sims use the toilet, the paper roll would get smaller and smaller until one unlucky Sim finishes up their business and finds that the roll is empty. Then they can sit there, pants-down on the toilet, waving their arm in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs for someone to hand them a new roll through the partially opened bathroom door.

That’s what you get for not keeping the spare rolls in the bathroom/water closet/loo. Lesson learned. And how long before we’d need a mod that keeps the roll full? Never!

Wait, Sims don’t do ‘pants down.’  Disgusting 😦

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SV Dance Club and Salon/Tattoo Parlor

Bubbles Beach Bar (Dance Club) isn’t on the beach, but Bubbles is watching and waiting for one of the prime beach lots to open up (good luck with that).  In the meantime, Bubbles is happy to be on the same block as Spangles Salon & Tattoo.

Spangles Salon & Tattoo – with a reception area, tattoo room, a small office, and outdoor patio on the ground level, and a full-service salon on the second level.
Spangles did one of the reception walls up in clocks, and points to the clock wall when one of their customers rushes in the door with their list of excuses as to why they’re not on time for their appointment.  The clocks are in agreement, you’re late.

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Monday Brain Fog

I had a medical thing done yesterday that required being totally out of it.  I remember hearing a nurse say “In the room 12:11,” I was looking at a little green light on a machine, then whatever they gave me kicked in fast.  Next thing I knew I was in the recovery area and the first thing I wanted to know was what time it was (1:00 PM).

After I was released I came home and played on my computer, still feeling some effects of the anesthesia.  Today I see that I was gaga over phone booths…lol!  Have to say, it is a very clever use of MOO.  I wonder what else I did yesterday.

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DIY Functional Phone Cabin/Phone Booth

This is too good to not share.  Phone booths!

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Another Sunset Valley IP Update

It’s been about a month since I started working on injecting IP into Sunset Valley and the town is filling out nicely. I’m nearly finished with the placement of the community lots I want in the town, some are final and others could probably use a little more work. Since I’m focusing on the Island Paradise EP, certain lot types haven’t been added (Late Night, Supernatural, Pets, etc.-with minor exceptions). Empty lots will be available to add those types of lots on a per game basis, which is usually what I do.
Edit: Now I’m thinking of adding a bar or smaller club to the town.  Scoping out the empty lots – there will be table dancing, somewhere.  Better late than never.

I’m trying to place the residential lots in the town by type. The moderns in the same area, beach lots closest to the beach (naturally), the odds-and-ends scattered about, etc. I need to have enough houses for all of the residents from Isla Paradiso, plus have some empties for Sims to move into.

I’m ready to play, but the town isn’t caught up yet. Soon I hope 🙂  And now for some screenshot spam.

Little Paradise Park, inspired by the park in Isla Paradiso
Rebecca’s Cafe redo added to a lot I placed on the beach
My version of Ichtaca Community Garden
Sea Breeze Laundromat with Pick-up B-ball behind it (basketball)
Apartment buildings to the left and right of the laundromat (both under $16k)
Landgraab Estate updated. Vander Place sits opposite up on the hill. I took the Vanderburg house from Hidden Springs and gave it a new look.LandgraabEstateVanderPlace
Mosquito Cove makeover for loner Matthew Mango. I love to makeover this SV lot.
My Research Facility inspired by IP residential lot, My First Research Facility. This house is for the scientist, Javiera Batista.

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New Worlds in Progress Worth the Wait

I’m sure that these aren’t the only custom worlds that are currently being created that are chock-full of awesomeness, but these are the ones that I’m aware of, and drooling over, pining for, and following update posts. When I’m looking at the screenshots and reading the details, I imagine how I would like to play in the worlds. I imagine that I would like to switch places with my Sims 🙂

In alpha order:

Dusk Realm by Crowkeeper and Nornities

Greymont Bay by Heaven

Northeney by Vincent T. (Nornities)

Supernatural Island by Rflong7 (public testing stage)

Uranesia by Nilxis

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El Castillo

El Castillo, aka El PITA.  I worked on this lot so much that I lost my joy and just wanted it to be finished.  I’m calling it done.  The Ichtaca house will replace the Goth house in Sunset Valley, so I started working on it on that particular 60×60 lot.  Then I thought, “What were you thinking?!?!  You should be building this on a 40×40 lot so you can use it in any world, including Isla Paradiso.  Damn fool.”

Start over on a 40×40, after two times on the 60×60.  I lost track of how many versions I had started.  In the end, I got rid of the topmost level and trimmed the excess.  The living quarters are on the first two levels, the upmost floor is totally empty/unfinished.  My Sim has gone to parties at the original Ichtaca house and it was a crazy mess of a dark maze, I’m not into having my Sims run a course when looking for a bathroom or a slice of cheese.

Before my final lot save I added two high-priced cars to the lot.  That should fool the Ichtacas into not moving because their house doesn’t have quite the value they feel deserving of.  With the cars the furnished cost is $376k.

*Looking at the screenshots I see something I need to fix, damn fencing.

09/13/2017 Update: I visited the castle again today, I think that now I’m calling it done.

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