Break Time

I’m on one of my temporary breaks from playing Sims 3.¬† When I miss playing enough to start playing again, I’ll continue with my Midnight Sun game.

This happens sometimes ūüôā

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Paddle boat, pedal boat, duckies in a row…

Drops 2 rocks on the beach then needs to rest for the long pedal home.  Aliens.

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Midnight Sun Gen. 2, Part 1

“Welcome to the world baby boy.”

Generation 2: Luc Bernard (Birth Traits – Eccentric, Evil, French Culture)

The days flew by and after going through the ‘eat, poop, sleep’ stage, it was time for Luc to have a birthday and become a toddler.

*Why Sunny took baby Luc to the edge of the lot to age up is beyond me.

Yves taught Luc how to talk.

Sunny taught Luc how to walk.

And Luc was potty trained as well.

Sunny put together a picture book for Luc, to help tell the story of how they came to live on the tiny island.¬† “1 is for Mommy, 2 is for Daddy, and 3 is for little Luc.”

Luc quietly learned new skills by playing with his peg box and xylophone, he played and hid in his toy box and got a lot of attention from his parents.

At last it was time for another birthday for Luc, blow out the candles and make a wish.

Happy Birthday Luc!  Your third randomized trait is Virtuoso (thank goodness).

Everyone in the family actively participates, their survival and income depend on it.  Luc learns how to snorkel with his father.

Yves and Luc snorkeling for spaghetti.

Family fishing day at the little pier.

Luc is learning how to cook.  Freshly baked muffins for breakfast Рcome and get it.

Play and down time on the island.

For safety and security reasons, Sunny cashed in her Lifetime Happiness points to fireproof their homestead, and Yves cashed his in for an inheritance.  No fires and money in their pockets.

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Irish Stand – A Global Call for Justice and Equality

We can’t be in New York City¬†to attend this event, but we’ll be there in spirit.¬†¬†Thank you Senator Aodh√°n √ď R√≠ord√°in.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ~ Sl√°inte!

We invite you to join us in an Irish Stand, a call for inclusivity, diversity, and human rights for our global citizenry.  Irish Stand will be an evening of multi-cultural prose, speech, song, and wit.

Irish Stand has been organized to coincide with Ireland’s National Holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The story of the Irish, both home and abroad, is one of immigration, sectarianism, and oppression. We understand and echo the concerns of those communities who face fear and uncertainty. We are, therefore, compelled to raise our voices in the spirit of the late and great, Dr. King, and make a compassionate stand for unity.

Irish Stand will feature contributions from New York based Irish author and National Book Award recipient Colum McCann and comedian Maeve Higgins. Master of Ceremonies for the evening’s presentation is playwright and Waking the Feminist activist, Lisa-Tierney-Keogh. Speakers include: Margarette Purvis, President, Food Bank for New York City; Jenan Matari, Palestinian-Latina American and Co-Founder/Editor at Miss Muslim; Imam Shamsi Ali, Muslim Scholar and Director of Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens; Dr. Debbie Almontaser, Board President of the Muslim Community Network, author and educator; writer and activist Shaun King; West Wing actor Richard Schiff, Human Rights Watch UN’s Aisling Reidy; Irish American author, Yvonne Cassidy; The Riverside Church pastor, Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler; Assemblyman, 69th District, Daniel O’Donnell; Emmy-winning video producer and Filipino American Marissa Aroy; and NYCLU representative Terry McGovern. Performances curated by Artist without Walls and include Argentine bandoneonist JP Jofre, Afro-Peruvian musicians Yuri Juarez and Sofia Tosello, South Korean violinist Ji in Yang, Irish born singer, Niamh Hyland, and Performance Poet, Itiola Jones. Irish born singer-songwriters Niall Connolly, Anthony Mulcahy,  and Freddie White will lend their talent as well. Special efforts were made to evidence inclusivity, the essence of Irish Stand.

Let us remind this new administration, many of whom are Irish-American descendants of immigrants themselves, that the international community rejects the politics of division and fear. By working together, we can lead by example and make a difference in America and across the world.

Irish Stand
The Riverside Church in New York City, NY
Friday, March 17, 2017  7:30 to 10:00 pm
Proceeds to benefit ACLU

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TS3 Collection Folders and Files

So I’m playing my game (Midnight Sun Challenge) and I have to go into the catalog and find a few things in the PITA Decor-Miscellaneous Decor¬†area. This leads to me creating a new Collection called ‘Nautical’ (which turned grey by adding some pirate-themed objects), which led me to create another Collection called ‘Food.’ Now I’m working on a collection called ‘Signs.’ Which will lead me to getting bored out of my mind and getting back to my game.

*My favorite new collection: BuyDebug Misc.

Thanks EA for putting eggs in plants and plants in sculptures…and so on. You suck.

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The Midnight Sun Challenge – Randomize Traits

Although the rules for the Midnight Sun Challenge do not¬†explicitly state that the player must accept the first roll when randomizing traits for babies, and subsequent stages, I decided early on that this is the way I’m going to play it. Since we must randomize traits anyway, I’ll be accepting whatever I get when I hit the randomize traits dice – good traits or bad, or meh.¬† *Crossing fingers hoping to never roll mean-spirited.

I’m loving the fast saves and load times in this challenge. ūüôā

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Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 4

“Will you stay with me and be my boyfriend?”¬† Sunny asked.¬† “We can do us one better.”¬† Yves replied.

“Will you stay with me and be my wife?”¬† “Oh Yves, I will – yes!”

Completely wrapped up in their moment, neither Yves or Sunny noticed the roar of the airplane that flew overhead.  They were startled by the sound of a dull thud and the feeling of the ground under their feet vibrate momentarily.  They ran around the side of the beach house to find shipping crates near the edge of the lot.

Curious, as the crates were address to ‘Occupant,’ they began to pry the lids off of the crates.¬† At the exact moment that the crates were all opened, thousands of simoleons were deducted from the household account.¬† “No bother,” thought Sunny.¬† “Where on these tiny islands could we spend money anyway?”

Both Sunny and Yves were amazed by how much stuff was packed into the mysterious crates.  They were filled with home furnishings and fabrics, electronics and building supplies, books and a guitar!  Over the course of their time on the island, anytime they had adequate funds and needed something, crates just like these would appear on the lot.

After hauling most everything inside, they arranged their new furniture and hung drapes on the bedroom window.  Once again getting caught up in a moment, the newly engaged couple broke in their new bed.

Yves quickly learned how spontaneous his fianc√© could be.¬† They had been lying on the bed chatting, when suddenly Sunny rose and ran around to his side.¬† “Let’s get married right now Yves, there’s absolutely no reason for us to wait.”¬† Yves agreed and they married in their sparsely furnished, unfinished bedroom.

Before falling asleep, Sunny’s family-orientated trait was strong and she and Yves impulsively tried for a baby.¬† They both fell into a deep slumber, lulled by the sound of lovely chimes.

The following morning over breakfast, Sunny went on about how their wedding was just as good as any fancy dress-up wedding.¬† It would have been nice though to have their friends attend, but that wasn’t possible because no one knows exactly where Yves and Sunny are – not even Yves and Sunny.

Sunny was afraid that she caught a bug in Champs Les Sims and carried it back to the island with her, she was getting nauseous and was vomiting several times a day.¬† “Hopefully it will go away soon.”¬† Sunny thought, but never mentioned anything to Yves.

During the night, Sunny woke from a sound sleep – she now realized why her tummy had been feeling so squeamish lately.¬† She’s pregnant!

After eating their breakfast of grapes pancakes, Sunny excitedly announced to Yves that they are expecting a baby.  Yves was thrilled with the news, he had so much to learn about pregnancy and babies.

While awaiting the arrival of their little bundle of joy, Sunny and Yves read baby books to learn all that they could before the big day arrived.  Sunny worked in her little garden and painted; Yves snorkeled and collected sea shells, picked wild flowers and played his guitar.  Since both Sunny and Yves love to cook, they watched their favorite cooking show together.  They both had put the idea of trying to get to Isla Paradiso through the well out of their thoughts.

Nearing the final stage of her pregnancy, Sunny took it easy and let Yves do all the cooking.  After eating a delicious spaghetti dinner and clearing away the dirty dishes, Sunny went into labor.  Their baby is coming!

Yves Bernard’s Traits (unchanged): Brave, Bookworm, Natural Cook, Virtuoso, Neat, French Culture

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