Whoa!  I just stepped outside my usual color comfort zone. 😀

I’m loving these Barn Doors as Wall Art by murfeelee that I downloaded Thursday evening (with 10 different presets).  They’re included in her Boho-Occult Simblreen set, link below.
Barn Doors by murfeelee

The Roman Blinds are by shakeshaft (I used the single and double that don’t sit flush against the wall or window), found here


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ITF Nanites and NRaas

Especially to the person who searched, “does nraas prevent from seeing nanites.”
*Normally Word Press or Search Engines keep searches private, but this search showed up in my recent stats.

When I played in Oasis Landing this past summer, I was able to find and collect Nanites with the following NRaas mods installed (none of these mods, or others I have installed prevented me from finding them):

Debug Enabler
Error Trap
Master Controller + Cheats, Integration
Pocket Protector
Story Progression + Career, Extra, Money, Population, Relationship, Skill

The only issue I had with a mod/gameplay conflict was when Overwatch prevented meteor and lightning ground strikes in the Dystopian Future.

Nanites can usually be found between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Once you find them, they should respawn in the same area.

If the nanites spawner also spawns wild flowers, or dog dig sites, you might consider adding a mod that prevents the dog dig sites from spawning (which will increase the spawning of what many of us would rather collect).

You can find the “No Spawning Dog Dig Spots” mod by Shimrod on TFM’s Sims Asylum (free registration/sign in required to view and download). I use and recommend this.
“This mod prevents the spawners from creating a dog dig spot instead of the rock/gem/metal or bugs or whatever the spawner would normally create. The % chance of having a dig spot is set at 0.”

Another mod by Shimrod (also on TFM’s Asylum) that can be taken into consideration is “ITF Trait Chips No Ingredients.”
“This mod removes the component/ingredient requirement for making trait chips; all of the chips can be built without having any nanites or processors as long as the sim has learned the recipe.”

Nanite Spawn Spots in Oasis Landing

Best of luck with your collecting!

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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part Nine


Inez Cadoret and Harry Solomon

A son, Cecil to Rachel and Chauncey Grimm
A son, Rodney to Helena and Ryan Kingsley
A daughter, Sherry to Lilac and Leighton Sekemoto

Jake Jantex

With the snow off the ground and rising temperatures, Faisal set to work outdoors. He pulled the blackened plants from the ground and replaced them with flowering bushes and fresh green shrubs. His home was looking better than ever.

On the nights that Acadia appeared, she continued to play with the increasing number of stuffed bears and toys that Faisal won in the claw machine. The area behind his home, near Acadia and Jorja’s grave sites was nearly taken over by Scary Bearys.

Sometimes Jorja would appear and find Faisal fishing for Death Fish in the little pond below the kitchen windows. She’d often stay until just after the sun rose, then quietly return to her grave.

Both of Faisal’s ghost friends made themselves at home. Their visits were always welcome and by now, somewhat expected.

Before Faisal knew it, summer had arrived and his fruit and vegetable plants were again producing, as were the wild plants he found growing in Pine Grove Park. Faisal bought himself a home canning station and started putting up his own jams, spreads, and Double-Boiled Ginseng Broth.

“Wouldn’t Mimi Carson be tickled if she could see me now?” Faisal thought, and a grin spread across his face. He’d stayed in touch with Mimi, who still headed the payroll department at the docks where Faisal worked before he was fired – it was Mimi who suggested he come to West Victoria Island because it would be good for him.

If only West Victoria Island had a County Fair, Faisal would enter his canned Double-Boiled Ginseng Broth and possibly walk away with a blue ribbon. Or he could enter his home baked Angel Food Cake, or…Faisal was daydreaming again of “if only” possibilities.

His daydreaming set him in motion. Faisal bought two produce stands and set them up in Pine Grove Park. He filled one stand with his canned goods, and the other he filled with summer themed items – frisbees, baseballs, footballs, kicky bags, soccer balls, and umbrellas.

His stands in the park were doing very well, and with customers on the honor system, Faisal was able to enjoy lazy afternoons at the beach.

One evening Inez Solomon stopped by for a visit. While they were watching a made-for-television mystery, Inez suggested that Faisal get a job as an investigator, or an investigative journalist. “Wouldn’t that be so cool Faisal? Our very own gumshoe, right here in West Victoria!” “No, no, no, en-oh.” Faisal made it clear that he was not at all interested in sneaking around West Victoria, hiding behind bushes and digging through people’s trash cans. “Faisal, I can see that you’re doing well with whatever it is that you do, but what do you say when people ask you about your career? ‘Unemployed’ is just so sad, ya know?”

Faisal thought about what Inez had said about his answer when people asked him about his career. He was an excellent cook, but he didn’t want to be tied down to shifts at the diner. His gardening skill was high, as was his fishing skill. He was already profiting from gardening by selling canned jams at his stands – that leaves fishing. Faisal went to Municipal Court and registered as a self-employed Angler. “I’m officially employed – but still a finder, collector, catcher, and seller of whatever,” Faisal thought as he reeled in a big fish.

‘Whatever’ included plasma bugs from a nest Faisal found under the trees outside of his property on Island Highway.

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Shitty Timing Grim

I get that Jake was given more time because of the birth of his daughter Antoinette, but to take him while he was in the middle of teaching her how to walk is seriously shitty, even for the Grim Reaper.

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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part Eight


A son, Gilberto to Jasmine and Craig Holden
A daughter, Krista to Ginny and Des Lawson

Mamie Dubcek

Throughout the winter season Jorja and Acadia came and went in their usual fashion. When Faisal was awake he would bring Acadia indoors, feed her if she was hungry, and bring out the blocks table for her to play with. If Acadia was tired, Faisal put her to bed in the crib he bought. Jorja helped herself to leftover meals that Faisal cooked and placed in the refrigerator; she entertained herself watching TV, reading books from the bookcase, and building snowmen. Sometimes, but not always, Jorja and Acadia appeared together on the same night.

Faisal continued to enjoy his fishing hobby the best he could with the frigid temperatures . He also improved his skills and learned a couple of new ones with snow on the ground and ice on the pond. This year Faisal’s name was added to the ‘Polar Bear Club’ from swimming in the icy West Victoria waters.

For three seasons Faisal concentrated most of his time and attention to improving his home. He fished, planted, caught and collected what he could find, selling off nearly everything. His dedication paid off. Since moving into Haunted Brambles the value of his lot had more than doubled. Sadie Sales, the agent who sold him his home, slightly underestimated what he could accomplish. He paid $14,093 for the lot, it was now worth $34,182.

With warmer weather just around the bend, Faisal looked forward to planting a new outdoor garden and improving the grounds around his home. If only he could figure out the source of the eerie fog that has been ever-present since the first day he moved in.

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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part Seven


Lance Creager and Corrine Duncan
Sergio Kaminski and Alice GilsCarbo
Chauncey Grimm and Rachel Duncan
Ryan Kingsley and Helena Croft
Jake Jantex and Linda Rodgers

A son, Jarrett to Jasmine and Craig Holden
A son, Derik to Lilac and Leighton Sekemoto
A daughter, Julia to Lance and Corrine Creager
A son, Bimble to Alice and Sergio Kaminski
A daughter, Vera to Ginny and Des Lawson
A daughter, Antoinette to Linda and Jake Jantex

It was the Autumn season in West Victoria, and the island was blanketed in orange, yellow, and green. Mamie Dubcek stopped by for a visit, and after lunch she and Faisal went together to opening day of the Fall Festival.

Acadia appeared on a Saturday during the night. Faisal woke and found the toddler playing with the stuffed toys in the yard.

In a deep voice, Faisal talked to Acadia through Scary Bearys: Werewolf. “Hello Acadia, I’m Warren Werewolf. I’m a friendly wolf, Growwwl *cough* Grrr. Can we be friends? How is it that you can come and go like you do?” Faisal had absolutely no experience with toddlers, but he did his best to entertain in the short time that he spent with Acadia before she took her leave in a trail of light.

Two days later, in the wee hours of the morning Jorja appeared and made her way to the living room where she and Faisal talked. With his stomach growling, Faisal pulled leftover spaghetti out of the refrigerator and offered a plate to Jorja. She didn’t seem to mind eating cold spaghetti for breakfast, and neither did Faisal. After breakfast, Jorja sat at the fire pit and read for a short time before returning to her grave.

There was a whirlwind of activity the day before Spooky Day. The Fall Festival was the place to be for a frightfully good time, and pumpkins were carved into Jack-O-Lanterns.

While spending the evening at home catching up with recipe books, a hot coal escaped from the fireplace and started a fire. “Just like it did in this home 40-some years ago,” Faisal thought as he worked on putting out the flames. His thoughts turned to Jorja and Acadia. The following morning a new fireplace was delivered and installed.

Everyone had a great time at Mamie Dubcek’s Spooky Day costume party, and in the evening the children had their fun going door to door Trick-or Treating.

Just after 5 AM on Friday morning Faisal found Jorja downstairs watching television. He made her a proper lemon pancakes breakfast and watched her depart as she’s done before. Her comings and goings were starting to feel normal, but Faisal still kept the visits from Jorja and Acadia to himself.

The first snowfall of the season, indoor winter gardening, building a Tragic Clown snowman, and winning a Gnome of the Darned in the claw machine. What’s one more ghost?

Acadia appeared in the blanket of snow that covered the back yard and Faisal was roused from his sleep. He talked to Acadia through Robo Bearbot, and thinking that she might be cold, he changed her diaper and her clothes. When he heard Acadia crying from hunger, and he couldn’t produce a bottle to feed her, Faisal brought out a high chair and fed the toddler a bowl of baby food. They played, she played, and then in a flash, Acadia was gone.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

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