Beautiful Paintings Sets by Crowkeeper

12 sets – I love them all ❤
Visit Crowkeeper's tumblr to enlarge the image and download.

'Play of Lights' in my game. I'll be using these sets a lot!

Play of Lights

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A Bit Distracted

It’s been 4 years since I played The Sims Medieval according to the date on my save game.  Hello old friend, it’s been so long I can’t remember what I was supposed to be doing.  Traveling on a ship to somewhere for something, according to the little icon thingy.

Too much concentration for now, but it was lovely seeing you again.  We’ll have to get together soon. 🙂

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Sims 3 Dashboard Tool aka Delphy’s Dashboard

Description in part (from MTS):
It’s basically designed to let people easily clear the cache and identify problem content.

This tool has 4 main tasks:
– To easily show you which games you have, whether or not they have a full framework, and to browse to that games root folder.
– To show you the contents of the Sims 3 cache files, and clear them.
– To show you all of your custom content in .package format, and display any “corrupted” files, or Sims 2 content, or stuff that just plain wont work.
– To fix any problems with corrupted files, empty files, generally broken files, and allow you to fix conflicts yourself.

More information is available on the description and comments pages, get it here

Additional information is available, thanks to Nona Mena at Simlogical
– Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy’s Dashboard
– Mod and CC Conflicts
– Using and Understanding Delphy’s Dashboard

Read it here

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Babies thru Teens Mods

This list is extensive, apologies in advance for the length of this post.
If there’s something specific you’re looking for, use Ctrl-F and enter a keyword in the Find field (example: toddler).

As always, check for mod conflicts.

Some game mods created for the Sims 3 younger set, by creator:

Do Homework With
Napping Mat
Toddlers Extra Activities

bluegenjutsu (free registration/login required to view and download)
Baby Monitor-100% Chance that Two Toddlers Play Together
Baby Swing Lasts Longer-Motives Increase Faster
Bonehilda Leave the Toddlers Alone + Leave the Pets Alone (2 mods)
Buy All Books/Read Books Faster/Children Can Read Skillbooks (multiple versions)
Children Can Bake Fortune Cookies
Children Can Do Laundry
Children Can Make Nectar + Children Can Use Nectar Racks (2 mods)
Children Can Order Food and Items from Registers
Children Can Order Food from the Bar
Less Teen Mood Swings
More Romantic Autonomy for Your Sims (some versions include teens)
No Autonomous Attack With the Claw
No Autonomous Check Under the Bed for Monsters
Ping Pong No Hygiene Loss/Juice Pong Teens and Pregnant Sims Allowed/Both More Fun
Read Toddler Books Faster
Slippy Slide Less Attractive or No Autonomous or Children Only
Toddlers Can Turn On and Off the Stereos
Toddlers Don’t Toss Food Bowls Off Their High Chairs

Baby Swing Tuning-Non Cheaty and No Autonomous Change Swing State

No Autonomous Graduation

No Autonomous Pranks

Chicken0895 (free registration/login required to view and download)
No Autonomous Put in Crib
Unlocked Child/Teen LTR and Traits

Toddler Interactions Mod

White Formula Default Replacement Bottle

(Almost) No Trick or Treat-Now with More T&T Flavors

User-Directed Scolding + Other Punishment Tweaks

No Autonomous ‘Watch TV’ While Carrying a Baby (infant/toddler)

JustAnotherSimsFan-JASF (free registration/login required to view and download)
Children Can Use the Archery Range
No Autonomous Imaginary Joy Ride

‘No Stretch’ Children Can Series (16 ‘children can’ files to choose from)

Madam Doofie
Minimum Wage/More Realistic Earnings, Higher Tuition, Higher Boarding School Costs, Higher Grant Money (multiple flavors, choose what you like)

Better Sleeping Babies and Toddlers
No Auto Make Processed Baby Food

Nona Mena
Breastfeeding Mod v11 (plus additional optional tuning flavors)
Child Can Use Collection Helper Reward
Children Can Use ‘Not So Routine Machine’-Teleport Works 100% (3 flavors)
Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station Tweaks (2 flavors)
Don’t Put the Baby Down (Changing Table Mod)
Extra Credit Homework v4
Fix for Walker and Playpen Reset Bug v2
Horse Mod: Child and Pregnant Sims Can Mount Horse (3 flavors)
Stroller Tweak: No Energy Stroll for Toddlers

Children Mods –
No Social Worker (toddlers and children will not be taken away)
Children Can Make Snacks in Microwaves
Neat Trait Clean House (children who have neat trait can use ‘clean house’)
Practice Speech Mirror (children can practice speech in the mirror for charisma gain)
Magic Mirror (children can use Magic Mirror and gain charisma)
Photos-Smart Phone (children can take pictures with cellphone)
Chess (children can play chess with Grim, call over chess opponent, challenge)
Hack (children can hack on computers, hack with someone, and earn money)
Post on Forum (children can troll and make inappropriate posts on computers)
Solve Hard Problems (children can Solve the Unsolvable, earn logic, earn money on computers)
Mermaid Eat (child mermaids can eat raw fish food too)
Conjure Apple+Conjure Apple No Auto. (child witches can conjure apples, 2 flavors)
Feed Cow Plant (children can feed cow plant a swordfish)
Teen Mods –
Start Band (teens can form bands)
Play Teen (teens can play on playground, sandboxes, tree house)
Teen Professions (experimental-teens can have more jobs)
Air Guitar (teens thru elders can be directed to play air guitar if they have certain traits)

Sarah Sims
Auto Sit Watch TV Holding Baby/Toddler

Shimrod101 (free registration/login required to view and download)
Bakery Mods (multiple versions, including Bakery Child Can Purchase, and Bakery Combo Child)
Baking Report Enabled (allows Teens + YA, Adults, Elders to read the Baking Report)
Fab Family (increases relationships between family members when created in CAS and when a child is adopted)
Friendly and Teen WooHoo Ask if Single and Sign
Medical Emergency Panic Child Fixer
Power Peg Box + Power Turtle (blocks activity table): Motives Rechargers
Prom No Romance Events
Toddler Nosepicking Animation Replaced

Twoftmama (free registration/login required to view and download)
Additional Traits for Babies
Autonomous Host Tea Party
Autonomous Play on Furniture (3 flavors)
Autonomous Play with Teddy (2 flavors)
Autonomous Potty Training v2
Autonomous Pranking Mods (3 flavors)
Autonomous Read to Sleep Mods (2 flavors)
Autonomous Sleeping in Treehouse Mods (2 flavors)
Autonomous Teach to Talk (2 flavors)
Autonomous Teach to Walk (2 flavors)
Better Bake Sale Table v3
Better Grades v2
Bottomless Potty
Child and Teen Only Pillow Fight v3 (2 flavors)
Children Can Break Boards (4 flavors)
Children Can Play Guitar (3 flavors)
Children Can Use Food Replicator v2
Children Can Use the Rock Wall Mods (5 flavors)
Children Can Use Training Dummy v3 (4 flavors)
Children Can’t Workout (2 flavors)
Children Play with Toddlers Peg Box v4 (allows children to interact with toddlers using the peg box)
Children Play with Toddlers Xylophone v4 (allows children to interact with toddlers using the xylophone)
Curfew Mods (4 flavors)
Different Days for Scouts
Elder Babysitters v5 (2 flavors)
Faster Homework 30 Minutes v2
Faster Learn to Drive v2
Faster Toddler Training v5 (4 flavors)
Harder Grades
Homework Mods (2 flavors)
Less Autonomous Play with Imaginary Friend Doll v2
Less Autonomous Watch Baby Swing
No After School Socializing v2 (2 flavors)
No Autonomous Read to Toddler v3
No Autonomous Take Child Out of Swing
No Autonomous Turn On Swing
No Autonomous Watch Baby Swing
No Imaginary Friends
No Tag Period v12
Play with Sprinklers Allow Child and Teen Only v5
Play with Sprinklers Allow Child Only v5
Scolding Tweaks (4 flavors)
Slower Imaginary Friend Relationship Drop
Stay Up Later at Slumber Parties
Teens Can Take Unpaid Days Off v3
Toddlers Can Open Bookshelves Mod v4
Toddlers Sleep with No Social Decay (2 flavors)
Young Adult Babysitter Mods (2 flavors)

Realistic Child Cooking Skills (3 flavors)

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Do You Care to Dance the Waltz?

Since the release of the Seasons EP, Sims have the option to slow dance. But what came before the slow dance? The Waltz of course! I came across the ‘Simoro’s Dance version 1.2’ by Simoro mod a couple of days ago and tried it out on my test household (game patch 1.67).

I installed the mod, turned on the classical radio station, and watched my Sims waltz in their living room. David bowed when he asked Eva to dance (so sweet). Since they had no dancing skill, they stuck to a simple box step through most of the dance. Neither stepped on the other’s toes, thank goodness (that got old really fast with slow dancing). I’ll keep them walzing to improve their skill and steps.

There was some minor clipping with David’s hand and Eva’s back for a brief time when he was dancing backward, pulling her forward – but that’s a non-issue IMO.

If you’d like to add the Waltz to your game, you can get Simoro’s mod here:

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Create Your Own ‘No Effects’ Mod Tool by velocitygrass

Looking at a screenshot reminded me that I’d like to disable the stereo and radio effects, at will. The ‘boom-boom-boom’ and music notes visuals are a bit much and distort objects around them. Not finding what I was looking for, I decided that it’s about time I try out the ‘Create Your Own No Effects Mod Tool’ by velocitygrass. It was much easier to use than I initially thought it would be, and the result is exactly what I was looking for.

This is meant to be a visual guide, examples shown are how I used the mod tool to make changes to the stereo effects. My changes were tested with the two stereos currently in my Sim’s home. Like all mods and CC installed as .package files, it’s easy to add or remove the no effects custom mods as wanted or needed.
OS: Windows 7
Patch: 1.67

Create Your Own No Effects Mod Tool by velocitygrass (hosted on MTS). See the mod’s description page and comments section for more information.

Download and Extract/Unzip the folder
(I saved it to my desktop).

Open the folder and double click on TS3_Effects_Mod_Maker. This will open The Sims 3 Effects Modder.

I entered ‘stereo’ into the field on the upper left of the tool. The 9 results were automatically shown. Since I wanted to get rid of the stereo effects, I unchecked the last 6 results (with fx in the name).

To create and save my custom mod, I selected ‘Save’ on the bottom row of buttons. This brought up the ‘Save As’ screen where I entered a unique name (No Stereo Effects). Save as type: Package Files (*.package). I saved my custom mod to my desktop, mostly out of habit.
Wait for the confirmation message to pop up, stating that your file was saved.

This is my newly created custom mod.

After adding the .package file to my mods folder, I scanned the folder with Delphy’s Dashboard to check for conflicts. Finding none, I deleted my scriptCache file and opened my game to see how I did.
The following screenshots show music playing before adding my custom mod, and after adding it. So far, I think I did okay.



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Northeney – Custom World by Nornities Released

It’s here, released, available to play, finished, awesome, beautiful, one of the very best worlds in the worlds of the Sims, everyone must have it, get it now!  Seriously, Northeney is a work of art and I so appreciate that Nornities shared this world with the Sims 3 community.  I want to get on a boat and travel here myself.

English Version Download (Mod the Sims)

German Version Download (Blackys Sims Zoo)

Photo credit Nornities/Norn

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Checking out another mod by Kuree, this time it’s the ‘Super Time-Bomb with Innocent Appearance.’  Yes indeed, this works just fine on patch 1.67.

The download includes 2 package files, you need to add both to your mods folder (Kuree Detonator and Kuree Teddy Bear).

Adding to the mod description:
Once you purchase the STB bear, you can drag it into your Sim’s personal inventory to use away from home, or at a later time.  Just be sure not to activate it until you’re really ready.
The default timer on the bear is 10 Sim-minutes…that’s really fast.  In my test game, David didn’t have enough time to give the bear to Eva, then run away.  It’s very easy to change the timer, and I’ll remember to do that next time 😀

Eva’s bear was detonated in front of the lemonade stand.  David set the timer on his bear, activated it, then he was supposed to give it to Eva.  His reaction after the smoke cleared?  “Somebody in this group has some unresolved issues.  I think I’ll get out of here before the fighting starts.  Hanging out with you really beats going solo.  Please call me any time to chill.”  LOL!

They both had the -40 Singed moodlet.
“Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a Singed Sim even faster, so avoid hot situations.”

Super Time-Bomb with Innocent Appearance by Kuree, get it here

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Fire Starters

I’m checking out Kuree’s ‘Sim Like Evil Interaction’ mod to see if it works with patch 1.67 and I can verify that the ‘Set Fire’ interaction still works perfectly.  David set fire to the ground, Eva tried it out on something bigger – the Weather Stone.

Update: The options to ‘Steal’ and ‘Marry/Divorce’ weren’t available in my test game until after I saved and quit, then went back into the game.

I’m happy to report that Kuree’s mod works with patch 1.67 😀

Even David, who has the ‘Good’ trait was able to perform all of the interactions.  Neither of my test Sims have the ‘Evil’ trait, it isn’t necessary.

I haven’t tried it, but Eva has the option to set fire to David, and he can set fire to her.
Oh my.

Sim Like Evil Interaction by Kuree, get it here

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IN3S Lip Glosses and Dry Lips

Searching online recently for a specific IN3S lip gloss made me realize that the lips files are scattered here and there, and some aren’t easy to find.  So I gathered up all of the IN3S lips that I have saved on my computer and uploaded them to Sim File Share.

All credit for these files goes to IN3S.

Cotton Candy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Dry Lips by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Four Lipglosses Edited by IN3S
(Cotton Candy, Rosy, Sweet Cake, Velvet Lip Glosses)
Package and Sims3pack files

Midnight Glow Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Rosy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Sugar Lipgloss by IN3S
Package file

Sweet Cake Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Velvet Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Velvet Matte Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Watermelon Candy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

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