Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Dystopian Future Part 2

After playing in Dystopian Oasis Landing for more than a week with not a single meteor or lightning ground strike, I figured that something was very wrong. Sometimes it takes me a while, but once I realized it, I got right on the problem and after working through it much of the day on Saturday, I figured it out. The NRaas Overwatch mod that I had installed during game play was somehow blocking/stopping the meteors and lightning strikes. I removed the mod and all was well, OL was finally acting as EA intended.

I posted what wasn’t happening in my game on the NRaas Overwatch Issues page, and Chain_Reaction noted my findings.  When I’m finished playing in the Dystopian Future, I’ll return Overwatch to my mods folder.

Hungry? No picnic tables, blankets, apples in your backpack? Eat a bug and like it.

“Something inside the Geyser Rift burnt Lisa Fields to a crisp and now she’s quite Singed.”  There are other moodlets and changes to appearance that Sims return from the rift with – I saw Emit glowing green after he dove into the rift, and another Sim had a dark cloud over their head that followed along with them wherever they went.Oasis Landing scenes that I found interesting.

Hellfire and damnation, this is the Dystopian Oasis Landing I wanted!

Lisa the Brave

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Third TS3 Story Progression Mod Option

After spending too much of my Saturday doing a lot of research on a particular problem in my game, I bumped into a post on Crinrict’s Sims 3 Help Blog that opened my eyes to a third Story Progression mod option.

If you feel that AwesomeMod, and NRaas Story Progression + optional modules are too heavy or complex, you may want to give Shimrod101’s XML Story Progression mod a try. There are several variations available that fix the worst bits of EA’s Story Progression, all with a small file size. These mods are used in combination with EA’s SP.

The newest versions of Shimrod101’s SP mods that work with the latest patches include the following that come in single .package files that you add to your mods folder. Use only one version at a time.

No Emigration
No Emigration + No Immigration
No Emigration + No Move
No Emigration + No Move + No Immigration

Versions that include stopping EA progression from randomly turning non-actives into mermaids. The mermaid household that shows up at dive lots are not affected by these mods.

No Mermaids
No Mermaids + No Immigration

Combination versions have mermaids added.

No Mermaids + No Emigration
No Mermaids + No Emigration + No Immigration
No Mermaids + No Emigration + No Move
No Mermaids + No Emigration + No Move + No Immigration

From Shimrod101’s mod description on TFM’s Sims Asylum:
* The No Emigration function in this mod prevents sims from moving out of town; these newspaper articles stating that so-and-so has moved out inform about the emigration.
* The No Move function prevents sims from being moved to smaller houses, they can still be moved by story progression to larger homes. I instituted this to reduce the constant moving from house to house by the townies.

Versions for earlier patches are still available.

Shimrod101’s Story Progression mods are hosted on TFM’s Naughty Sims Asylum (free registration required to view and download – so many greats on this site, it’s well worth spending some time here).

NOTE from Twoftmama (TFM):
If you have a Verizon.net, Att.com, Hotmail, Live, MSN, or Outlook.com email account you will be unable to receive emails from the Asylum. Those companies have the IP address of our host’s email server blocked, so emails from that IP are never delivered. This includes your validation email.

If you use an email address from one of these companies to register here, please email me at tfmssimsasylum@aol.com within 36 hours so I can validate your account for you. Unvalidated accounts are automatically deleted by the system after 48 hours, so if you do not email me your info within 36 hours, your account may not be validated before it’s deleted and you will have to re-register. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but it’s beyond my control.

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Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Dystopian Future Part 1

Continuing my exploration of the Into the Future EP, I’m enjoying it more now than when it was released.

To activate the Dystopian Future, my Sim completed these tasks in the present time for Emit Relevart:

Use the Meteor Magnet 3 times outside. Your Sim gets to keep the magnet and they can use it in any world. Lisa attracted metals, including Carbon Steel and Titanium (they were added to her inventory).

Attend a Doomsayers Meeting at City Hall.

Convince 6 Sims that The Sky is Falling.

Trash Talk the Environment to 6 Sims. Sims with certain traits, like neat, will have a negative response.

Emit appeared to Chat about Cause and Effect, the Dystopian Future is now active.

Soon after Lisa arrived in the Dystopian Future, she visited Legacy Park to check out her newest statue, The Renowned Philanthropist. When your Sim has their name on a Legacy Statue, they have a +15 moodlet for each statue the entire time that they are in Oasis Landing. The statues take on the appearance of your Sim.

While exploring Geyser Rifts, Sims can return to the surface with found metals and gems, they can even return with a case of the giggles.

Small, stinking piles of trash around town give Sims a -5 Disgusted moodlet when they come close to them. The larger piles of trash are better-Sims can rummage and find things, they can jump in the trash pile, and play with trash. Jumping in the trash pile and playing in it increases Fun. If your Sim has a Nanite in their inventory, the option to ‘Clean With Nanites’ is available when you click on a trash pile. Toss the Nanite and trash-be-gone.

Hoping for, but not getting any meteor or lightning strikes to the ground, Lisa goes to the Barren Wasteland to use her magnet. It only attracted metals. Excavate a bit and move on.

Lisa visited Legacy Park again to pay homage to the Master Controller, Twallan. Then she flew around for a bit, then a bit more.

A burglar showed up but the alarm notified the police, and the burglar got away, with nothing. The police and paper boy/girl in Oasis Landing wear regular outfits that came with Into the Future.

Lisa was asked by several Sims for her autograph, she’s not a celebrity and I have them disabled. She’s unemployed and not at a high level in a popular career. It has to be because her name is on Legacy Statues. The Trendsetter continues to set the trends in OL.

Finding 5 different Llamas gives you the opportunity to assemble them to get a Mech Gnome. The Llamas can be found inside the Crash Site and by rummaging in trash piles.

Lisa accepted a wish to Soak in a Hot Spring. The wish image makes it appear that the hot springs are inside rifts, and the description reads: “Meteors may blast holes in the planet, but those fissures offer some great bathing. Your Sim wants to soak in a Hot Spring.” I don’t know how much time I wasted searching around Oasis Landing looking for those damned Hot Springs. The only ones Sims can soak (swim) in are in the areas where they can swim, excluding swimming pools. That would be the large waterway in the ‘downtown’ area, and the pond near the Wasteland Zephyr Stop.
I watched for the signs of Hot Springs in the pond and after not seeing them, I decided to have my Sim swim around anyway. She completed the wish and got a +30 moodlet ‘Nature’s Hot Tub: The warmth of a natural hot spring sends Lisa into a state of profound relaxation, enhancing her mood.’
Screens: What the hot springs look like, and where in the pond my Sim completed the wish (that’s her house across the street from the zephyr stop, in the background on the right).

There’s more than one way to achieve the ability to Reset the Time Continuum from the Time Portal, reaching Level 10 in Advanced Technology is one of them.

Picture spam, because it’s so Dystopian.

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That Face

That face you make when you toss a Nanite on a trash pile to clean it up in Dystopian Oasis Landing.That Face

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Dear Gods EA

Relationships with the Mere-Wilkins household at 490 Precipice Parkway in Oasis Landing are messed up. I don’t know what EA was thinking, but a mod like NRaas Master Controller can be used to set the relationships right. EA has the toddler Melany as the parent of YA Amanda; Rowley Wilkins is Melany’s father, Amanda should be the mother. Rowley should not be in a relationship with Melany. Dear gods!

I don’t know if they screwed up other relationships in OL, but this one is a hot mess.
Mere-Wilkins Household

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Sassy Betty

When you’re in CAS taking screens of a Sim and they turn and give you this look.  Girl’s got to do what she can do to be next in the game line.  I just finished creating Betty and added her to the ‘Sims in Waiting’ page.Betty Hammond

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Randomize in CAS

Do you ever go into CAS and hit randomize over, and over, and over again just to see how wild and crazy the random Sims look?  I did that tonight and after I got over the initial shock, laughter, WTF reactions, I started thinking about taking the first x number of results and adding them to a town without changing anything about their appearance, hairstyles, or outfits.  That’s something I’ll keep in mind for one of my future games, if nothing else it will add a lot of variety to a town.

So I continue to hit the randomize button, and good heavens, I finally got a Sim with potential!  I’m still working on her, but I’m not going to make any drastic changes.  I like her already.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, get yourself into CAS and do something random.

I just finished up with Amber in CAS and have her saved to play in a game sometime in the future.  I should have taken a screenshot of her before changing her hair and making small adjustments to her nose and lips-oh well.  The final adjustments are subtle, mostly to the eye area.Amber

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