Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 3

After being all alone on the tiny islands for days, Sunny made the most of her peculiar situation and was enjoying her time in Champs Les Sims.

She played (extreme) chess with the local postman.

Tried Frogs Legs for the first time at the Catania Café.

Met and befriended a couple of locals in their home, and was attracted to a certain Yves Bernard.

Helped one of the locals find his lost baseball.

Shopped for new outfits.

Sunny also fished and caught frogs, learned new recipes, excavated and unearthed valuable treasure – but she soon found herself longing to return to her home in Isla Paradiso.

It was back to the nectary and back to the neon pink-colored well.  “Au revoir Champs Les Sims.”

Disappointed, Sunny found that she was transported back to the tiny island rather than to her hometown, Isla Paradiso.

Shortly after arriving at the beach house, Sunny heard a gurgling sound coming from the well.

“Dear god, it’s Yves Bernard!”

“I followed you Sunny, you left Champs Les Sims without leaving a forwarding address, or even a good-bye.  You blew me a kiss and blew me away.  I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days wondering what might have been, so I dove into the well after learning that you had done the same.  I wished and hoped that the well would take me to you.”

And so it did.

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Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 2

After fishing and snorkeling, and getting a tan in the process, Sunny took advantage of the painter’s supplies in the beach house.  She was never very creative, but painting in time with the music raised her spirits some.

Using the lettuce she harvested, Sunny made herself a plate of Autumn Salad for dinner.  Feeling tired and full, she quickly fell asleep in the sleeping bag she found on the second floor of the beach house.

The following day was dreary and it seemed that the rain was not going to let up for quite a while.  “If you can’t beat getting wet, make the best of it and have some fun in the process,” thought Sunny as she gathered up gear and headed out to try Scuba diving for the first time in her life.  “If only my friends in Isla Paradiso could see me now.  Wouldn’t they be surprised to see me doing such a daredevilish thing?”

By the evening of the third day on the islands, Sunny was feeling desolate and desperately longed to talk to someone, anyone.  “I arrived here somehow by diving into the well, it would make sense that I should be able to get back home by doing the same.”  And so she dove into the well.

Once again, Sunny’s surroundings became murky and she had to feel her way around what she thought must be the bottom of the well.  Suddenly, she was pulled feet-first, like she was being sucked through a vacuum hose.  Trying not to panic, Sunny forced herself to relax and go with the flow that pulled her through pinkish algae-covered tunnels.  “Even though I didn’t notice this pink goop before doesn’t mean that this isn’t the way home,” she thought.

Breaking the surface and gasping for air, Sunny once again found herself in unfamiliar territory.  She was in a well, that was in a room, at a place she had never seen before.

Strangers came running to greet the woman from the well.  This was something they had never witnessed for themselves, although they had heard stories of such happenings that are said to be very rare indeed.  Sunny quickly learned that she is in a town called Champs Les Sims.  The well had brought her to France!

“This is all too much to process,” thought Sunny.  “I could really use a drink.”  Climbing the stairs, she found trays of the finest nectar she had ever tasted.  Come to think of it, this was the first nectar she had ever tasted.

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Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 1

It all started on a hot summer day in Isla Paradiso.  Sunny Dey was sweltering in her un-air conditioned house, so she headed for her favorite park hoping to catch a cool breeze.

The air at Beso de Sol Garden was still, hot and sticky – a record-breaking scorcher of a day in the making.

Desperate for relief from the heat, Sunny plunged into the cool well water.

The deeper she swam, the murkier her surroundings became.  With little air left in her lungs, Sunny felt dizzy and confused.  She closed her eyes and silently pleaded for help in finding the surface.

Gasping, Sunny reached the surface and breathed deeply, filling her lungs with sweet, cool air.  Sweet, cool air?  She did not come up at Beso de Sol Garden, she was…she was, she had no idea where she was.  “I need a Daniel Faraday to explain all this, in simple terms that I can understand,” Sunny muttered to herself.

Exploring her immediate surroundings, Sunny concluded that someone is, or was recently, working on a house.  “They’re probably on a break,” she thought, “Whoever it is, they’ll have to come back and then I can find out where I am.”

“I might as well go for a swim and relax a bit, just to calm my nerves.”  Still a bit on edge, Sunny borrowed a boat and rode around, looking for signs of life on the little islands that surround the beach house island.  She found nothing, or no one; it was becoming clear that Sunny was truly on her own.

“This is not the time to break down girl, do what you have to do to survive this craziness.  You have shelter, now you need to forage and fish for food.”

Beach House
$16,085 furnished
$15,414 unfurnished

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Midnight Sun Challenge

I’m almost ready to start playing my next The Sims 3 challenge game, the Midnight Sun Challenge by Gurra09.
I have the world I’m going to use picked out, have a sim ready to place, found some cool castaway objects on MTS…all I have to do now is get a few things done around the real-life house so I can start playing (guilt-free). Yay!

Midnight Sun Challenge created by Gurra09 (MTS)

Midnight Sun Challenge Goal: Survive on a small, isolated island for 5 generations, until the first child of the 5th generation becomes a Young Adult.

Challenge Guidelines (see above link for more information):
*Begin by creating a new game in an appropriate world. Create a new sim who is Young Adult or Adult and place them in the world ($16,500 starting funds).
*This sim is now the beginning of a family whose destiny is to survive on a small island for 5 generations, until the first child of the 5th generation becomes a Young Adult.
*Your sim is allowed to do whatever they want in order to earn money, including painting, gardening, fishing, etc.
*The only age span allowed is Normal, which is considered a life span of between 80-100 days in this challenge.
*Your sim is to live in total isolation (with exceptions when traveling, and future family), therefore, you are not allowed to speak to any mailman, paparazzi, anyone who shows up on your lot, or anywhere in the world.
*You must travel to WA or University worlds in order to meet a partner for your future children, you are not permitted to adopt. Strict travel rules must be followed.
*Everyone born on the lot or married into the family must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere (except to travel in order to find a partner).
*During a sim’s childhood you are never allowed to choose their traits, they must be randomized.
*No cheats are allowed except for when you need to reset a buggy sim or move something that’s in the way.
*You are not allowed to use mods that change game conditions for skills, moods, etc. You may use any other, non-cheaty mods. NRaas Register mod will help eliminate tourists, paparazzi, wild animals, etc. Since there is no City Hall in the world, you will need to purchase a computer for your sim in order to access the NRaas menu.

03/07/2017 Update: I need to find a different world to use for this challenge. I’ve started playing and have run into a couple of issues early on that are game breaking. Such a shame because I really liked the world I chose first.  I’m also going to change my Founder Sim to better suit the world I try next.  – One step forward, two steps back…dance with me 🙂

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Reinstalling the Sims 3 Store

Oh gawd, I could kick myself in the behind for starting this project.  It’s been 3 years since I last reinstalled my Sims 3 Store junk, so I figured it’s about time that I made myself suffer.  I can think of a multitude of things I’d rather be doing right now, like cleaning the grout on the bathroom floor tiles with an old toothbrush.

But I have junk that I previously installed that I really don’t like at all and rather than uninstalling it via the Launcher, I’m starting fresh.  I’m sure that once I’m finished, I’ll be glad that I did this again, but I’m not feeling it right now.

I’ve moved beyond reinstalling Worlds, Venues, Sets, a Compilation, Odds and Ends and Other…now I’m ready to tackle those annoying individual items that were not included in regular Sets (or anything else).  Clothes, hair, branded and free shit.  Cripes sakes I hate that I have so much Store junk.

When I did a reinstall in 2014 I organized my .Sims3packs as much as possible and stored them away on my D: drive in tidy little folders.  I also made a handy spreadsheet that told me what I did and didn’t need to install, and how to avoid overlap as much as possible (back then I was younger and had more patience). Looking at all of this again today reminds me of the overlap the Store did, mostly with Sets and Compilations; likely on purpose, of course to make an extra buck.

Back in 2014 I cut back on what I installed via the Launcher.  This time around, I’m cutting back even more, and I’m hoping that I never get the urge to do this again.

Update: 03/04/2017
My .Sims3packs are reinstalled, yay!  It only took about a total of 5 days with a bout of stomach flu (or some bug) in between.  Damn, that was painful.
Now it’s time to clean up my .package files, if I dare to part with any of them.

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Alternate to Installing Worlds – Bypassing the Launcher

Learn something new every day:  Today I learned how to install custom worlds without using the launcher, thanks to sittingbear.

There have been at least a few worlds that I’ve installed via the launcher and very shortly afterward, uninstalled them.  They weren’t worlds I wanted to keep or play in.  Now that I know how to check out worlds without adding to my bulging DCCache folder, I’m going to be like a kid in a candy store – all sugared-up and spinning until I fall down.

Here are sittingbear’s instructions:

…instead of installing the simpack use Delphy’s Sims3Pack Multi-Installer to extract the world.  Rename the package to Pagoda Isles.world (this world name is an example, you would just need to change .package to .world for the world you are working with).
Then copy the world file using this pathway: Program Files (x86 on 64bit Win 7) > Electronics Arts > The Sims 3 > Game Data > Shared > Non Packaged > Worlds and paste the world there and go load up your game.
Just remember to take it out if you ever have to re-patch.

I followed sittingbear’s path and the world I wanted to check out loaded perfectly.  This is awesome!

NRaas Chatterbox thread:

Delphy’s Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extractor (renamed):

Additional info:

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Prison Challenge Completed!

Here he is, the 15th, and final inmate who qualified for parole and was released from Maysville Prison.

Parolee: Malcolm Landgraab
Paroled: Week 8, Day 2
Released to housing within the Riverview community
Career or Job: Returned to Medical, Level 1

Malcolm reached Level 10 in the Painting skill.














It took me almost 3 real-life weeks to complete the challenge, playing this one game exclusively.  It took 8 weeks, 2 days in Sim time to qualify 15 inmates for parole.

If you enjoy playing challenges, or are looking for a good one to start with, I highly recommend you play PolarBearSims’ Prison Challenge, found here:


Thank you PolarBearSims for sharing your awesome challenge!  I know that I’ll be playing it again 🙂

The 15 arrested prisoners who qualified for parole and were released
(Status at Week 8, Day 2):

Billy Caspian – Slob, Over-Emotional, Loner, Inappropriate, Artistic
**Girlfriend, Betty Bing
Shirley Lin – Unflirty, No Sense of Humor, Hopeless Romantic, Coward, Friendly
**Boyfriend, Don Lothario (deceased)
Don Lothario – Flirty, Hot-Headed, Commitment Issues, Schmoozer, Charismatic
**Deceased Week 8, Day 2
Elaine Joy – Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Good, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb
**Boyfriend, Hal Breckenridge (father of Elaine’s son, Jaron)
Roxie Lin – Flirty, Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Commitment Issues, Grumpy
**Boyfriend, Buck Broke
Hal Breckenridge – Commitment Issues, Flirty, Schmoozer, Coward, Great Kisser
**Girlfriend, Elaine Joy (mother of Hal’s teen son, Jaron)
Sammi Sooza – Hopeless Romantic, Over-Emotional, Great Kisser, Athletic, Computer Whiz
**Boyfriend, Bobby Boom
Betty Bing – Unflirty, Savvy Sculptor, Childish, Born Saleswoman, Diva
**Boyfriend, Billy Caspian
Bradley Bong – Good Sense of Humor, Bookworm, Good, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb
**Married to Stella, they have a son Blake (child-age), and a daughter Mara (toddler)
Biggie Bang – Brave, Hot-Headed, Athletic, Artistic, Ambitious
**Married to Marisol (formerly Lobos)
Bobby Boom – Handy, Neat, Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper
**Girlfriend, Sammi Sooza
Javon Reeves – Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Athletic
**Married to Laurel (formerly Grisby-Bayless), they have a son Andrae (toddler)
Bob Newbie – Slob, Good, Bookworm, Artistic, Diva
**Married to Hannah (formerly Jones)
MaryKay Shallow – Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Evil, Ambitious, Lucky
**Boyfriend, Maximus McDermott
Malcolm Landgraab – Bookworm, Good, Genius, Artistic, Friendly
**Girlfriend, Tatiana Ivanov

“Say goodnight Eva.”  “Goodnight Eva.”


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