Pass the Popcorn Please

When the world you want to play a game in doesn’t have a theater, and the rabbit hole buildings will not fit in at all – but you want a theater.
Rabbit hole rug to the rescue, plus the big screen below deck.  Popcorn is popping.
Such a basic ferry, but it’ll do.

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West Victoria Island + Haunted Brambles

I believe that I found the world I want to add PolarBearSims’ ‘Haunted Brambles’ lot to. It’s called West Victoria Island and it was created by 99simsonthewall. The island is quite lovely and has so many great features (fir trees, several beaches that extend into the water, ports and houseboats, atmosphere, yeah I could go on). Did I mention atmosphere? West Victoria Island is described as a small island off the coast of Washington but close to Victoria, B.C.

Haunted Brambles Backstory:
Tragedy struck this lovely home 42 years ago. There was a poor single mother and her daughter living here when a fire excaped from the fireplace. Didn’t take long for the main living area to be engulfed in flames. It quickly traveled to the nursery where the toddler was sleeping. By the time the mother awoke from the smoke the fire was already in her room and there was no escape. Both parished in the home that night. The neighbors were able to put the fire out before it took the loft and the rest of the house. Since this tragedy, the house was boarded up and abandoned. No one wanted to live here due to the strange sightings of the toddler and her mother wondering the property. Strange fish started to appear and a forever lasting fog took over the house and property. Since the fire, vandals have vandalized the house, broke some of the water lines and the weeds are growing wildly through out the yard and into the first floor of the home.”

West Victoria Island Backstory (in part):
“…People were actually making money on this small island, but then in 1922, during a drought, some men were smoking in the woods and one got drunk and dropped his cigar, starting a fire. The drunk men fled the scene and a huge forest fire started. Almost the whole town and all the trees on the island burned down, but luckily some buildings were saved. The shipping port, was not, and the town lost its main source of income. Most of the people fled the island and today, the town has a population of less than 500. The forest is fully regrown, and the island is a beautiful getaway for sims trying to escape the city.”

‘Haunted Brambles’ residential lot by PolarBearSims

‘West Victoria Island’ world by 99simsonthewall (download link is halfway down the page)

Haunted Brambles placed at 20 Island Highway

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Midnight Hollow Rabbit Holes CaSTable

With thoughts of Halloween dancing in my head, I’ve been window shopping for an ideal custom world to use with PolarBearSims ‘Haunted Brambles’ lot.  This led me to sorting through my mods folders for Midnight Hollow lighting, terrain and plant overrides/replacements.

Which somehow led me to MTS and the ‘CaSTable RabbitHole Replacements’ mod by AussomeDays.  I quickly tried the mod out on Simagon Alley – what a difference CASt makes on the Midnight Hollow RH lots!  I might just use some of them in whatever custom world I settle on.  Now I don’t regret buying MH as much, maybe.

Note: When you use this mod to recolor a rabbit hole, you are recoloring a RH replacement (not a default RH).  The replacement functions the same as the default.

Simagon Alley original lot with Sunset Valley default lighting.

Simagon Alley with basic recoloring of tile, benches and fencing, normal plants and trees.

Simagon Alley with basic recoloring plus using the mod by AussomeDays on the rabbit hole itself.

CaSTable RabbitHole Replacements by AussomeDays
Base Game plus EP, SP, and Store worlds Rabbit Holes

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It’s the first week of October and this morning I woke to the sound of raindrops on the leaves of the Sweetbay Magnolia tree outside our bedroom window. I can’t recall the last time it rained (a blessing because we haven’t had to mow very often lately). I put off getting out of bed for a few minutes longer, enjoying the sound of rain and thoughts of Autumn. Crunchy leaves underfoot, the smell of dry pine needles that coat the drive and grass, cool days wrapped in cozy sweaters, sleeping with the windows open with a down duvet pulled up to my ears…

It’s now 69 degrees F. where I live in northeast USA. What?! But it’s raining again, and I’m going to spend part of the day unpacking my cozy sweaters and packing away our summer wear.

Dreamers gotta dream until that dream becomes a reality. Autumn weather is coming.

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Sunset Valley IP Save Games Uploaded

Injecting Island Paradise into Sunset Valley has been a fun project that I worked on for a couple of months. I’ve really been enjoying playing in the old town with new residential and community lots, and different Sims. I’m sharing my Save Games (Populated and Unpopulated) with TS3 Community, thinking that there are others who like SV, but want it to be different sometimes.

Sunset Valley IP
Created with patch version 1.67

Unpopulated: 35.6 MB
Populated: 38.6 MB

These are Save Games created in the Sunset Valley base game, not .world files. All of the changes were made via Edit Town.

I had all EPs, SPs, and TS3 Store content installed while working on the lots. Since I started this project for my personal use, I don’t have a list of content used.

Mods and Custom Content:
Information about the lighting mod I used while working in the world, shiftable curtains, possible use of custom blinds, and Misty’s Resort Rabbit Hole Rug is included in the Read Me doc that comes with the downloaded Save Games. When I loaded a game save without the cc blinds installed, I didn’t get a “Missing Objects” warning, so I probably didn’t use them.  I’m so scatterbrained sometimes.

Lot Info:
Residential: 44
Community: 38 (including 2 Ports and 1 Diving Area)
Empty Lots: 16
Apartment Lots (2): NPC apartment doors have been designated (1 unit in each building is furnished)
All residential lots are furnished, most have cribs if 2 or more bedrooms.

Populated Version:
Households: 33
Residents: 61
This version of Sunset Valley IP was populated with Isla Paradiso residents, plus additional IP Sims that I made playable (details in the Read Me doc). I used NRaas Porter and all relationships have been retained.

Additional notes that I forgot to add to the Read Me doc before I zipped it:
1) For some reason, Sims celebrity stars did not stick when packing and unpacking using Porter.
2) The 2 piers/ports are long. It’s the only way that I found to make them work properly. Both ports and houseboats were tested without issues.

Links to my Sunset Valley IP save games can be found on my Downloads page.

Additional information and screenshots are posted under the category: Sunset Valley. Some things were changed in the final version of my saves, I may have rambled on about changes in my posts 🙂 The lots are exactly the same in both versions (Populated and Unpopulated).

New in-game screenshots:

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Recommended Mods for Island Paradise Gameplay

Whether playing in Isla Paradiso, or another world that adds Island Paradise gameplay, here is a list of some mods that were created to enhance our games. While some were not created specifically for the Island Paradise EP, they do fit in very well.

*Free registration required to view and download mods hosted on TFM’s Naughty Sims Asylum.

By Creator:

bluegenjutsu (hosted on TFM’s Asylum)
Bonfire Test Tubes-No Stink (no more stinky Sims at our beach bonfires)

Hygiene Gain and Temperature Loss for Ocean and Swimming Pool

Longer Suntan Buff

Mermaids Gain Hydration While Playing in Ocean and Pool Waterfall

More Seashells and Bottle Messages

Sims Lounge Longer in Pool Loungers

Environmental Mods (2 pages of lighting and water combo packages)

Chicken0895 (hosted on TFM’s Asylum)
Feed Fish More Autonomously

Shiftable Fish Trophies

Less or More Seasickness

Ingredient Moodlets from Meals + More Filling Kelp and Fish Meals for Mermaids

Choose Your Resort Buffet Foods

Pool Jobs for Lifeguards

Buyable Beach Towels (with custom script) – Does not conflict with Inge’s Sunbathing Fix

Autonomous Fun in the Sun

Mermaids Cannot Eat Non-Sea Fish Raw

Inge Jones
Sunbathing Fix (no sunbathing in the rain or at night unless user-directed)

JASF-JustAnotherSimsFan (hosted on TFM’s Asylum)
Aquarium Fish Never Get Hungry and Always Clean

Kraken Attack Chance Increase and Zero% Shark Attack Chance (2 different mods on the same page)

More Autonomous Use Tanning Booth

Buyable Mermadic Kelp

Island Paradise Rabbit Hole Rug

Nona Mena
More Seasons Interactions for Pregnant Sims

Shimrod101 (hosted on TFM’s Asylum)
Cave Tentacle Fight Cloud Disabled

Dive Cave Reset Fix

Dive Lots Ocean Floor Image Sharpened

Do the Locomotion with Swimming

IP Treasure Chests New Stuff

No Roaches Spawning at Resorts

Resort Revamp

Shark Attack Fight Cloud Disabled

Windsurfboard Buyable as Boat

XML Story Progression with a version that stops EA SP from randomly turning non-actives into mermaids

Twoftmama (TFM’s Asylum)
Less Resort Maintenance Workers

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PolarBearSims’ Haunted Brambles Is Worth Two Ghouls In The Bush —

Simblreen time will be upon us shortly, and PolarBearSims has got something neat and spooky out to get you all in the mood over at Mod The Sims. This compact and bijou scary starter could be good for your supernatural Simmies if you are wanting to do a story line or even a rags to […]

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