Checking out another mod by Kuree, this time it’s the ‘Super Time-Bomb with Innocent Appearance.’  Yes indeed, this works just fine on patch 1.67.

The download includes 2 package files, you need to add both to your mods folder (Kuree Detonator and Kuree Teddy Bear).

Adding to the mod description:
Once you purchase the STB bear, you can drag it into your Sim’s personal inventory to use away from home, or at a later time.  Just be sure not to activate it until you’re really ready.
The default timer on the bear is 10 Sim-minutes…that’s really fast.  In my test game, David didn’t have enough time to give the bear to Eva, then run away.  It’s very easy to change the timer, and I’ll remember to do that next time 😀

Eva’s bear was detonated in front of the lemonade stand.  David set the timer on his bear, activated it, then he was supposed to give it to Eva.  His reaction after the smoke cleared?  “Somebody in this group has some unresolved issues.  I think I’ll get out of here before the fighting starts.  Hanging out with you really beats going solo.  Please call me any time to chill.”  LOL!

They both had the -40 Singed moodlet.
“Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a Singed Sim even faster, so avoid hot situations.”

Super Time-Bomb with Innocent Appearance by Kuree, get it here

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Fire Starters

I’m checking out Kuree’s ‘Sim Like Evil Interaction’ mod to see if it works with patch 1.67 and I can verify that the ‘Set Fire’ interaction still works perfectly.  David set fire to the ground, Eva tried it out on something bigger – the Weather Stone.

Update: The options to ‘Steal’ and ‘Marry/Divorce’ weren’t available in my test game until after I saved and quit, then went back into the game.

I’m happy to report that Kuree’s mod works with patch 1.67 😀

Even David, who has the ‘Good’ trait was able to perform all of the interactions.  Neither of my test Sims have the ‘Evil’ trait, it isn’t necessary.

I haven’t tried it, but Eva has the option to set fire to David, and he can set fire to her.
Oh my.

Sim Like Evil Interaction by Kuree, get it here

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IN3S Lip Glosses and Dry Lips

Searching online recently for a specific IN3S lip gloss made me realize that the lips files are scattered here and there, and some aren’t easy to find.  So I gathered up all of the IN3S lips that I have saved on my computer and uploaded them to Sim File Share.

All credit for these files goes to IN3S.

Cotton Candy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Dry Lips by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Four Lipglosses Edited by IN3S
(Cotton Candy, Rosy, Sweet Cake, Velvet Lip Glosses)
Package and Sims3pack files

Midnight Glow Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Rosy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Sugar Lipgloss by IN3S
Package file

Sweet Cake Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Velvet Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Velvet Matte Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

Watermelon Candy Lipgloss by IN3S
Package and Sims3pack files

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Creative Help and Ideas by Jools

It’s Thanksgiving week in the USA and I’m busy doing pre-holiday cleaning, then I’ll be cooking beginning Wednesday.  This leaves little (if any) time for serious TS3 game playing this week because I find it impossible to play in short sessions.

Sims 3 is still on my mind and I wanted to share some of the really cool ‘Creative Help and Ideas’ posts by Jools.  I’m looking forward to trying them all out.

Jools-Simming Home

Ode to Debug Enabler (use NRaas DE to lift and lower objects+unique decorating tips)

DIY Fish Tank

3 Reshaped Tables

Window Sills and Stuff

Manipulating Sectional Objects (Part 1) – Counters

Manipulating Sectional Objects (Part 2) – Seats

10 Things to Do with Shelves

Values to Raise Objects to Decorate the Town Life SP Room Divider

Jools also has a YouTube channel, here’s a sample video:

Changing Painting Colour Tutorial

Jools YouTube Channel Home

The ‘Shiftable Fog Emitter’ mod by Buckley will come in handy (hosted on MTS)

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Whoa!  I just stepped outside my usual color comfort zone. 😀

I’m loving these Barn Doors as Wall Art by murfeelee that I downloaded Thursday evening (with 10 different presets).  They’re included in her Boho-Occult Simblreen set, link below.
Barn Doors by murfeelee

The Roman Blinds are by shakeshaft (I used the single and double that don’t sit flush against the wall or window), found here


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ITF Nanites and NRaas

Especially to the person who searched, “does nraas prevent from seeing nanites.”
*Normally Word Press or Search Engines keep searches private, but this search showed up in my recent stats.

When I played in Oasis Landing this past summer, I was able to find and collect Nanites with the following NRaas mods installed (none of these mods, or others I have installed prevented me from finding them):

Debug Enabler
Error Trap
Master Controller + Cheats, Integration
Pocket Protector
Story Progression + Career, Extra, Money, Population, Relationship, Skill

The only issue I had with a mod/gameplay conflict was when Overwatch prevented meteor and lightning ground strikes in the Dystopian Future.

Nanites can usually be found between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Once you find them, they should respawn in the same area.

If the nanites spawner also spawns wild flowers, or dog dig sites, you might consider adding a mod that prevents the dog dig sites from spawning (which will increase the spawning of what many of us would rather collect).

You can find the “No Spawning Dog Dig Spots” mod by Shimrod on TFM’s Sims Asylum (free registration/sign in required to view and download). I use and recommend this.
“This mod prevents the spawners from creating a dog dig spot instead of the rock/gem/metal or bugs or whatever the spawner would normally create. The % chance of having a dig spot is set at 0.”

Another mod by Shimrod (also on TFM’s Asylum) that can be taken into consideration is “ITF Trait Chips No Ingredients.”
“This mod removes the component/ingredient requirement for making trait chips; all of the chips can be built without having any nanites or processors as long as the sim has learned the recipe.”

Nanite Spawn Spots in Oasis Landing

Best of luck with your collecting!

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