Faisal Anwar (Sim) by Hellfrozeover
*The version of Faisal that I’m using is minus defaults CCs and SClub lashes.

Haunted Brambles (Residential Lot) by PolarBearSims

West Victoria Island (World) by 99simsonthewall
*Some of my screenshots will be of an edited version of the world, and/or lots.

Eva Renshaw (Sim)
Created by Crazywomanlovesyou at Mod the Sims
*I am using a slightly revised version of Eva in my games.

Prison Challenge created by Polarbearsims

PolarBearSims YouTube channel

Recommended Lot, Custom Content, and Mods I plan on using while playing the Prison Challenge.

*Maysville Prison by PolarBearSims (MTS).  Custom Content info for the lot and PolarBearSims video links provided on the download’s description page.

*Orange Is the New Black Prison Uniforms by Cloudwalker Sims
The download link on CWS June 30, 2014 post is not working properly for some (or all).  A direct link to the download:
The direct link to these prison uniforms was provided by Blyss in this MTS WCIF thread:

*Air Force Officer Suit Edit by sweetdevil (MTS).  I use one of the edits for my Prison Warden’s uniform.

*Sims 4 to 3 Identification Wall by Sandy at ATS3

*Various NRaas mods, including: Master Controller and Portrait Panel
NRaas Master Controller
NRaas Portrait Panel
See NRaas topic: I want to play a household with more than eight Sims in it.

*More Servings for Group Meal by Twoftmama (10 and 16 servings available).  Free registration required to view and download at TFM’s Sims Asylum.

*Set the Table & Call to Meal by icarus_allsorts (MTS)

Midnight Sun Challenge created by Gurra09

SimGurra’s simblr

World and Mods I plan on using while playing the Midnight Sun Challenge.

*Custom World: Mairin by Daturaobscura

*Sunrise/Sunset Season Offset mod by Gurra09 (MTS)…Polar version

*Burnt Waffles lighting mod: Cloud9 1.5 w/RH water

*Various NRaas mods, including:
Register to control animals, paparazzi, tourists, others.
Master Controller to safely add foreign Sims to my household.  Note: You must travel and meet foreigners before they can be added to your household.
Add Sim – Allows the user to move any sim into any home.


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