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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part Two

Faisal walked through his new home making a mental list of items he’d need to buy at the store – cleaning supplies and a few basic tools would be enough to get him started. It wasn’t long before the vile … Continue reading

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Haunted Faisal Anwar – Part One

The day started out like any other day. Faisal Anwar woke early, read a few pages from his current book, showered and dressed for work. The sun was just rising when Faisal locked his apartment door – the weather was … Continue reading

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Ad-Free Creators United Project

Excellent, worth sharing from ThePathOfNevermore http://thepathofnevermore.tumblr.com/post/166514075409/so-heres-a-little-idea-ive-been-toying-with

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West Victoria Island + Haunted Brambles

I believe that I found the world I want to add PolarBearSims’ ‘Haunted Brambles’ lot to. It’s called West Victoria Island and it was created by 99simsonthewall. The island is quite lovely and has so many great features (fir trees, … Continue reading

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Midnight Hollow Rabbit Holes CaSTable

With thoughts of Halloween dancing in my head, I’ve been window shopping for an ideal custom world to use with PolarBearSims ‘Haunted Brambles’ lot.  This led me to sorting through my mods folders for Midnight Hollow lighting, terrain and plant … Continue reading

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Recommended Mods for Island Paradise Gameplay

Whether playing in Isla Paradiso, or another world that adds Island Paradise gameplay, here is a list of some mods that were created to enhance our games. While some were not created specifically for the Island Paradise EP, they do fit … Continue reading

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PolarBearSims’ Haunted Brambles Is Worth Two Ghouls In The Bush —

Simblreen time will be upon us shortly, and PolarBearSims has got something neat and spooky out to get you all in the mood over at Mod The Sims. This compact and bijou scary starter could be good for your supernatural … Continue reading

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