Sunset Valley is Getting the IP Treatment

I haven’t played in Sunset Valley for a long time, mostly because I played in that world so much when I started playing Sims 3. I’m still too tired of the look and the residents to go back there ‘as is.’ So, one of my projects is to inject some IP into the world by adding my favorite Isla Paradiso community and residential lots, and try and blend other lots in to fit the theme. So far, I’ve finished adding and updating 3 residential lots, and 4 community lots. I added a 40×40 diving lot that I haven’t tested yet, and I’ll eventually use NRaas Porter to add Isla Paradiso residents to my new version of Sunset Valley.

This is the new Civic Center, based off of the Civic Center from IP.  Since posting this I’ve made a change to the ground tile.Civic Center 1Civic Center 2Civic Center 3

Nautilus Laboratories, maybe too basic.Science

SV Stadium, I’m not going to use the stadium and school combo building from IP.Stadium

Sunnyside Cemetery, placed where the criminal building was originally.Graveyard

SV Learning Center, uses a school rabbit hole door.SV Learning Center

Trade Winds Spa and Bistro, Mirabello Plaza.  I wanted the spa/bistro in this location, but I didn’t want to add any other rabbit holes to the lot.  Filled in space with outdoor dining on the right, spa stuff on the left.Trade Winds 1Trade Winds 2Trade Winds 3

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5 Responses to Sunset Valley is Getting the IP Treatment

  1. raggsfam says:

    Okay these rabbitholes are actually lovely. I’d forgotten how much I loved the look of IP. I only played in it once, for a few days right after I got TS3 and then the lags and glitches got the better of me and I gave up. Since then I’ve replaced the world file with one that’s supposed to have had all those issues fixed. I think I’m going to have to give it another try after OL. Or else I’ll let IP be my sim’s base world.


    • leealeesims3 says:

      I really love the look of IP and finally worked out all the issues, and took tons of notes and have multiple save files. Sometimes it feels too big though, too many islands but IP does have some of the best beaches along with other lovelies. The Civic Center is so pretty.


      • raggsfam says:

        I really need to figure out the routing thing on IP- I opened it up last night and wow, I had forgotten how gorgeous it really is. Forget my sim, *I’d* like to live there. But then I let my sim join the criminal career and she took a boat around the other end of the island instead of taking a shorter, more direct walk there. TS3, WHY YOU DO THIS?? xD


        • leealeesims3 says:

          Haha! So true, they drive us nuts sometimes, but maybe they’re not to blame entirely. The routing isn’t their doing. I agree, IP is gorgeous!
          Earlier today my Sim was on the beach lot but ran up to the street, down the sidewalk, and down through the sand to get into the water and swim. They do that weirdness in Lucky Palms too. The beaches in IP are the best because the lots are extended into the water. If you have the Surfing object thing from the TS3 Store, you can place it in the water at the beach in the cove (can’t remember the name of the beach ATM).

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          • raggsfam says:

            Oh that’s a neat idea. Provided the idea doesn’t freak her completely out, my evil coward sim needs to learn to surf before she hits OL. Because why not? 😀


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