Fix for UI Glitch in Build/Buy Mode

Have you ever been working on a lot for a long while and when you go to switch from Build to Buy mode (or opposite) your UI glitches out on you? Like, more than half of it is missing on the right and there is no response when you try clicking on build, buy, undo, everything?

If this happens, just simultaneously hold down the ‘Shift’ key and the ‘F4’ key.  Depending on the issue, the ‘Shift’ key and the ‘F3’ key sometimes works instead.  If neither of those work, use Shift and the F keys until you come across the one that will get you out of the glitch.  In my experience, this problem only occurs when I’ve been building too long without a break.  You should do a ‘Save As’ and close your game. After closing, delete your compositorCache.package file. Now you can safely resume working on your lot.

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2 Responses to Fix for UI Glitch in Build/Buy Mode

  1. raggsfam says:

    This is really helpful. I don’t wanna say I’m looking forward to the next time the UI glitches, but I will be glad to know I can do this 😀

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    • leealeesims3 says:

      It hasn’t glitched on me for a long time, then it happened on Tuesday while I was building in Sunset Valley. My brain scrambled trying to remember the keys I use to get me out of the mess. It’s a relief to know that we don’t have to lose our hard work 🙂

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