Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Dystopian Future Part 2

After playing in Dystopian Oasis Landing for more than a week with not a single meteor or lightning ground strike, I figured that something was very wrong. Sometimes it takes me a while, but once I realized it, I got right on the problem and after working through it much of the day on Saturday, I figured it out. The NRaas Overwatch mod that I had installed during game play was somehow blocking/stopping the meteors and lightning strikes. I removed the mod and all was well, OL was finally acting as EA intended.

I posted what wasn’t happening in my game on the NRaas Overwatch Issues page, and Chain_Reaction noted my findings.  When I’m finished playing in the Dystopian Future, I’ll return Overwatch to my mods folder.

Hungry? No picnic tables, blankets, apples in your backpack? Eat a bug and like it.

“Something inside the Geyser Rift burnt Lisa Fields to a crisp and now she’s quite Singed.”  There are other moodlets and changes to appearance that Sims return from the rift with – I saw Emit glowing green after he dove into the rift, and another Sim had a dark cloud over their head that followed along with them wherever they went.Oasis Landing scenes that I found interesting.

Hellfire and damnation, this is the Dystopian Oasis Landing I wanted!

Lisa the Brave

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5 Responses to Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Dystopian Future Part 2

  1. raggsfam says:

    As I’m reading this, I’m realizing a few things. I need to create an evil sim and ship them to OL immediately. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a meteor strike, but I’ve had Overwatch almost since I got TS3. Guess I should check that now…


    • leealeesims3 says:

      An evil Sim would be fun to play in Dystopian OL. There were so many ground strikes after I moved Overwatch to my desktop…loved it. If you have your game on 2x or 3x speed, just before a strike anywhere in OL, the game will automatically switch to 1x speed. The screen shakes and you can hear the meteor approaching. Good times!


      • raggsfam says:

        Oh boy. I can practically see the mustache twirling from here xD Guess it’s time to go create an evil sim. Which means that I’ll be spending the next two weeks in CAS. But after that, Oasis Landing here I come >:D

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  2. leealeesims3 says:

    Pictures please! I was thinking this afternoon that another interesting Sim to send to dystopia would be one that scares easily and passes out all the time. I’ll have to try that out to see if the meteors and lightning strikes make them pee themselves from fright 😀 Have fun in CAS! My poor Sims are so thrown together because I’m usually in a hurry to put them in a town. Dystopian OL, Woo!


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