Present Timeline – The Renowned Philanthropist Legacy Statue

Before Lisa returned to the present, she accepted a wish to have her name engraved on The Renowned Philanthropist Legacy Statue in Oasis Landing. A bonus of 20,000 Lifetime Happiness points is riding on her winning big at the Lotto.

The Renowned Philanthropist, how to achieve this Statue:
*Win the Lotto in present day, then…
*Donate $50,000 to the Plan the Future Fund at present day City Hall.
Reward for achieving this Statue:
Gain the ability to Give Away Simoleons to other Sims.

Soon after returning home with the winning Lotto numbers that she got in Oasis Landing, Lisa headed to the grocery to fork over $10 for a ticket. At 7:00 that evening, it was announced that she won, and she won big! “Congratulations, Lisa Fields just won $150,000 from the Lotto! It has been deposited directly into her account.”

The maximum amount a Sim can donate at one time is $10,000 – I had her make 5 donations, one after the other. It takes 30 Sim-minutes in City Hall to make one donation, must be the paperwork.

“Lisa Fields doesn’t need thanks for giving a fortune away to the community. Few Sims can be called philanthropist, but only one will be remembered as The Renowned Philanthropist.”

Emit appeared on the City Hall lot to ‘Chat about the Legacy Statue.’

Since Emit was already in present time, Lisa expressed her interest in the Dystopian Future. She’s been given the first of a chain of tasks to complete. To be continued…

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