Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Utopian Future

Continuing my side game of exploring the Into the Future EP more than I did when it was released.

To activate the Utopian Future, I had my Sim complete a series of tasks in the present time for Emit Relevart. The tasks were easy to perform, all happiness and dew – utopia.

Katy Perry Sweet Treats outfits work in the Utopian Future. Trendsetter setting the trends. #noregrets

Lisa went to see her Trendsetter Legacy Statue, she commemorated the moon landing in front of it. Yeah, it’s a big deal getting your name on a Legacy Statue.

Rainbow dig spots can be found throughout Oasis Landing in the Utopian Future. My Sim dug up Rainbow Gems, a Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Beetles, and a Pot of Gold worth $4,845. These dig spots spawn both day and night.

New objects spawn at the Crash Site each time you have all of the pieces needed to generate a new key. You can enter the site multiple times in the same trip to the future, as long as you have the key. The Sims 4 Dream Program Chip is one of the objects that spawns inside the Crash Site.

Click on the Dream Program Chip and have your Sim activate it. “Lisa Fields activated the Program Chip and can now dream about The Sims 4 in the Dream Pod.” Dream on, we’re not buying it, ever.

I’m really liking that my Sim and the non-actives autonomously interact with the special ITF objects. Shake it, but don’t break it.

Dewed by a Plumbot, the Dried Up Beach gets a sprinkle, a ghost!

Lisa won $70k in the Lotto during her stay in the Utopian Future. Her Advanced Technology skill level is 6.
She bought a vacation home the next day. Give yourself a hug.

Picture spam, because it’s so Utopian.

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