Present Timeline – The Trendsetter Legacy Statue

Lisa came back from her time in the Normal Future with a wish to have her name on the Trendsetter Legacy Statue in Oasis Landing. If she is successful, she’ll be granted 20,000 Lifetime Happiness points in addition to having her name on the statue.

The Trendsetter, how to achieve this Statue:
*Set up a clothing pedestal in present day, then…
*Have 4 Sims use the clothing pedestal to change their outfit, while in present day.
Reward for achieving this Statue:
Nearby Sims will periodically change into the same outfit that you’re wearing.

I created a simple 20×20 lot and set it as a Gallery Shop without the retail display pedestals. Then I had my Sim purchase the lot at City Hall. I used the upgrade property option to add 8 pedestals and sculptures so the lot would meet the minimum zoning requirements to be opened for business. I used expensive sculptures to get the lot to the minimum worth.

Non-actives were drawn to the lot and autonomously browsed, changed the display outfits, and purchased outfits in the present world.

Since the Trendsetter Statue didn’t trigger, even after more than 4 Sims purchased and changed their outfits, I had my Sim return to the Normal Future the next day. The Statue still didn’t trigger so I had her return to the present.

‘Trendsetter’ finally triggered when a non-active Sim purchased and changed into an outfit I created in CAS for the display.
“Sims don’t always get their due, but Lisa Fields won the world over with fashion and now goes by The Trendsetter.”
Emit appeared on the lot to ‘Chat about the Legacy Statue.’

If I had to do this Legacy Statue challenge all over again:
*I’d cut back on the number of retail display pedestals to Male and Female, Adult and Young Adult as they were the ages who frequented the lot the most (4 pedestals total). Elders and children in Sunlit Tides weren’t as interested in visiting the lot.
*I’d change all of the outfits, in all categories in CAS quick and clean. Simple works as well as going overboard in CAS.

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