Exploring ITF in Oasis Landing – Normal Future

I started playing a side game so I can explore the ‘Into the Future’ EP more than I did when it was released. This time around, I want to take it slower and spend more time in Oasis Landing than in my Sim’s homeworld in the present. I play with a modded game, so I can do a thing or two that I didn’t think to try out in my earlier gameplay.

“The town of Oasis Landing is a bustling city filled with hidden treasures and places to explore. Whether you’re adventuring into the Wasteland, taking in a Bot Competition, or visiting those who’ve shunned technology, there’s lots to do in Oasis Landing!”

Lisa arrives in the Normal Future, she stayed the entire week at Oasis Landing Community Center (Base Camp). When your Sim arrives in Oasis Landing, Emit will give your Sim a Jetpack. A Simbot Opportunity from Emit gets your Sim a Windcarver, and there may be more Opportunities that reward your Sim with ‘Future’ objects during your stay, but I’m not yet aware of any others. In addition to getting freebies from Emit, advanced technology objects are available at the Base Camp and your Sim can drag them to their inventory to use (Holo Discs, Windcarvers, Holo Computer, and more Jetpacks). There’s no need to buy these objects, a big Simoleon savings for our Sims!

Because I use the ITF Comedy Show Enabled for Human Sims mod by Shimrod101, my Sim performed a show for a few locals on a community lot. The mod is hosted on TFM’s Sims Asylum.

I edited Oasis Landing before my Sim traveled to the future, including adding a gym to the town with objects I hoped the non-actives would use. It was good to see that the gym lot is a popular spot.

I also added four rabbitholes from Lunar Lakes (School, Business/Journalism, Military, Grocery). If a school rabbithole is placed, children and teens in the future will autonomously attend school. They also attend after school activities.

Career/Job-aged Sims did not autonomously join careers. I assigned careers to some of the human Sims based on Lifetime Wishes and Traits using NRaas Master Controller (Base Mod).

Collecting and excavating in the areas around the Wasteland, then a visit to the Crash Site with a mysterious door that requires a key to open it.

Shooting pool with one of the locals at the Base Camp.

Sims shopping, browsing and buying at EP-XI Imports Gallery. My Sim went around the lot autonomously Requesting New Objects. After viewing them for a little while, she moved on to the next display. Love that!

The Legacy Statues at Legacy Park: The Lustrous Entertainer, The Pioneer of Plumbotics, The Renowned Philanthropist, The Time Keeper, The Trend Setter. My Sim has a wish to be a Trend Setter.

At Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium, Sims autonomously inspect the Plumbots for sale, moving from one display to another. While she was there, my Sim designed Nanites.

Using the Holoweb, your Sims can look up friends and learn something new about them.

You can check Lotto Records at City Hall in Oasis Landing to get a tip on a winning Lotto number. Normally Sims need to return to the present to purchase a Lotto Ticket, but since I added a grocery rabbithole in OL, Lisa was able to purchase a winning ticket right away. She won $5,750 twice in her first week in the future (2 for 2 winnings).

A Zephyr leaving the station with my Sim on it. + Moodlet is a bonus.

Non-actives will move into empty houses when needed if you change the lot type to Regular Residential. I use NRaas Story Progression so I’m not sure if they move to new houses with EA Story Progression activated. In my game, Sims are getting together, breaking up, having babies, and the future world is very active and alive.

In one in-game week, I was only alerted to one routing issue in the Normal Future. Felix Finn somehow got stuck in a closed hedge at Pleasant Meadows Cemetery. I deleted a portion of hedge so he could get out on his own.

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