Setting Up TS3 Mods Folder for Windows

Before making changes to your game and files, create a new save name if you have a current game, and SAVE AS.  In the event something goes wrong, you can revert to your earlier save(s).  Backup your game.

Your game must be closed before proceeding with the following steps.

1. Go to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

Note: In Windows 7 Documents is under Libraries, Windows Vista is under Documents and Windows XP is under My Documents.

1a – Create a folder and name it Mods (the text case it must be exact).

1b – Click to open the Mods folder so you are inside it.

1c – Create a sub-folder within the Mods folder and name it Packages (the text case must be exact).

1d – Create another sub-folder within the Mods folder and name it Overrides (the text case must be exact).

Note: The Overrides folder is only to be used when a developer asks you to place his/her mod in there. Without this instruction, all mods in .package format go in the Packages folder.

Example of Windows 7 Home Premium Mods Folder Setup:TS3 Mods

2. Saving the new Resource.cfg file

Note: This file is needed to add references within the game, where it can find mods on your system. Without this file the game will ignore any additional mods you have installed.

2a – Hit your back button and go back to the Mods folder so you are on the same level.

2b – Download the Resource zip file located at this link…

2c – Unzip the file and add only the Resource.cfg to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder. Use the screenshot above for reference.

3. Download your desired mods and/or custom content, extract the (.package) files from the (.rar or .zip) files.

3a – Use whatever program (i.e. WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip) you normally use to extract the (.package) file for mods/CC.

3b – After you have the (.package) file extracted, cut/copy (whichever you prefer) then paste only the (.package) file into the Packages sub-folder. You may also download content to your desktop, unzip, then manually move the .package file(s) to your Packages sub-folder.

4. Delete the four or five cache files.

4a – Delete the following cache files in “The Sims 3” folder under Documents before you restart your game.
* CASPartCache.package
* compositorCache.package
* scriptCache.package
* simCompositorCache.package
* socialCache.package (this file is generated if you have the Showtime EP installed).

Example of Windows 7 Setup, the Cache files mentioned above are in the window on the right, near the bottom:TS3 Folders

Once you have all your mods/custom content (.package) files in the Packages sub-folder, restart your game. You should see a pop-up notification with a list of scripting mods you have installed.

* Tuning Mods, Sliders and Skins won’t show in the pop-up notification, as they are mods that replace tunable game files,   within the game engine (ITUN, _XML, JAZZ and some others).
* Custom Content (Clothing / Shoes / Hair / Furniture / Appliances / Cars / Other miscellaneous items) will not show in the pop-up notification either because they are treated as “Objects” by the game.
* Core Mods may be listed, although it will depend on which area of the Game’s Scripting Core Files, the developer has changed.
* The pop-up notification can only display a limited amount of scripting mods so it’s possible that some scripting mods will not be listed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be loaded though. You can check within your live game whether every scripting mod is accounted for.

Example of how you can organize your Mods/CC folders, sub-folders can be added to further organize your content:Organizing Mods CC

Every time you add, delete, or remove a mod from your Packages and/or Overrides folder, you must delete your scriptCache.package file. If you do not do this, newly added content will not appear in your game, and lingering data can be present even though your removed a mod.

Always ensure that the mods you want to download and install match your game patch level (examples: 1.67, 1.69).



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