Midnight Sun Gen. 2, Part 1

“Welcome to the world baby boy.”

Generation 2: Luc Bernard (Birth Traits – Eccentric, Evil, French Culture)

The days flew by and after going through the ‘eat, poop, sleep’ stage, it was time for Luc to have a birthday and become a toddler.

*Why Sunny took baby Luc to the edge of the lot to age up is beyond me.

Yves taught Luc how to talk.

Sunny taught Luc how to walk.

And Luc was potty trained as well.

Sunny put together a picture book for Luc, to help tell the story of how they came to live on the tiny island.  “1 is for Mommy, 2 is for Daddy, and 3 is for little Luc.”

Luc quietly learned new skills by playing with his peg box and xylophone, he played and hid in his toy box and got a lot of attention from his parents.

At last it was time for another birthday for Luc, blow out the candles and make a wish.

Happy Birthday Luc!  Your third randomized trait is Virtuoso (thank goodness).

Everyone in the family actively participates, their survival and income depend on it.  Luc learns how to snorkel with his father.

Yves and Luc snorkeling for spaghetti.

Family fishing day at the little pier.

Luc is learning how to cook.  Freshly baked muffins for breakfast – come and get it.

Play and down time on the island.

For safety and security reasons, Sunny cashed in her Lifetime Happiness points to fireproof their homestead, and Yves cashed his in for an inheritance.  No fires and money in their pockets.

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