Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 3

After being all alone on the tiny islands for days, Sunny made the most of her peculiar situation and was enjoying her time in Champs Les Sims.

She played (extreme) chess with the local postman.

Tried Frogs Legs for the first time at the Catania Café.

Met and befriended a couple of locals in their home, and was attracted to a certain Yves Bernard.

Helped one of the locals find his lost baseball.

Shopped for new outfits.

Sunny also fished and caught frogs, learned new recipes, excavated and unearthed valuable treasure – but she soon found herself longing to return to her home in Isla Paradiso.

It was back to the nectary and back to the neon pink-colored well.  “Au revoir Champs Les Sims.”

Disappointed, Sunny found that she was transported back to the tiny island rather than to her hometown, Isla Paradiso.

Shortly after arriving at the beach house, Sunny heard a gurgling sound coming from the well.

“Dear god, it’s Yves Bernard!”

“I followed you Sunny, you left Champs Les Sims without leaving a forwarding address, or even a good-bye.  You blew me a kiss and blew me away.  I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days wondering what might have been, so I dove into the well after learning that you had done the same.  I wished and hoped that the well would take me to you.”

And so it did.

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