Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 2

After fishing and snorkeling, and getting a tan in the process, Sunny took advantage of the painter’s supplies in the beach house.  She was never very creative, but painting in time with the music raised her spirits some.

Using the lettuce she harvested, Sunny made herself a plate of Autumn Salad for dinner.  Feeling tired and full, she quickly fell asleep in the sleeping bag she found on the second floor of the beach house.

The following day was dreary and it seemed that the rain was not going to let up for quite a while.  “If you can’t beat getting wet, make the best of it and have some fun in the process,” thought Sunny as she gathered up gear and headed out to try Scuba diving for the first time in her life.  “If only my friends in Isla Paradiso could see me now.  Wouldn’t they be surprised to see me doing such a daredevilish thing?”

By the evening of the third day on the islands, Sunny was feeling desolate and desperately longed to talk to someone, anyone.  “I arrived here somehow by diving into the well, it would make sense that I should be able to get back home by doing the same.”  And so she dove into the well.

Once again, Sunny’s surroundings became murky and she had to feel her way around what she thought must be the bottom of the well.  Suddenly, she was pulled feet-first, like she was being sucked through a vacuum hose.  Trying not to panic, Sunny forced herself to relax and go with the flow that pulled her through pinkish algae-covered tunnels.  “Even though I didn’t notice this pink goop before doesn’t mean that this isn’t the way home,” she thought.

Breaking the surface and gasping for air, Sunny once again found herself in unfamiliar territory.  She was in a well, that was in a room, at a place she had never seen before.

Strangers came running to greet the woman from the well.  This was something they had never witnessed for themselves, although they had heard stories of such happenings that are said to be very rare indeed.  Sunny quickly learned that she is in a town called Champs Les Sims.  The well had brought her to France!

“This is all too much to process,” thought Sunny.  “I could really use a drink.”  Climbing the stairs, she found trays of the finest nectar she had ever tasted.  Come to think of it, this was the first nectar she had ever tasted.

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