Midnight Sun Gen. 1, Part 1

It all started on a hot summer day in Isla Paradiso.  Sunny Dey was sweltering in her un-air conditioned house, so she headed for her favorite park hoping to catch a cool breeze.

The air at Beso de Sol Garden was still, hot and sticky – a record-breaking scorcher of a day in the making.

Desperate for relief from the heat, Sunny plunged into the cool well water.

The deeper she swam, the murkier her surroundings became.  With little air left in her lungs, Sunny felt dizzy and confused.  She closed her eyes and silently pleaded for help in finding the surface.

Gasping, Sunny reached the surface and breathed deeply, filling her lungs with sweet, cool air.  Sweet, cool air?  She did not come up at Beso de Sol Garden, she was…she was, she had no idea where she was.  “I need a Daniel Faraday to explain all this, in simple terms that I can understand,” Sunny muttered to herself.

Exploring her immediate surroundings, Sunny concluded that someone is, or was recently, working on a house.  “They’re probably on a break,” she thought, “Whoever it is, they’ll have to come back and then I can find out where I am.”

“I might as well go for a swim and relax a bit, just to calm my nerves.”  Still a bit on edge, Sunny borrowed a boat and rode around, looking for signs of life on the little islands that surround the beach house island.  She found nothing, or no one; it was becoming clear that Sunny was truly on her own.

“This is not the time to break down girl, do what you have to do to survive this craziness.  You have shelter, now you need to forage and fish for food.”

Beach House
$16,085 furnished
$15,414 unfurnished

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