Midnight Sun Challenge

I’m almost ready to start playing my next The Sims 3 challenge game, the Midnight Sun Challenge by Gurra09.
I have the world I’m going to use picked out, have a sim ready to place, found some cool castaway objects on MTS…all I have to do now is get a few things done around the real-life house so I can start playing (guilt-free). Yay!

Midnight Sun Challenge created by Gurra09 (MTS)

Midnight Sun Challenge Goal: Survive on a small, isolated island for 5 generations, until the first child of the 5th generation becomes a Young Adult.

Challenge Guidelines (see above link for more information):
*Begin by creating a new game in an appropriate world. Create a new sim who is Young Adult or Adult and place them in the world ($16,500 starting funds).
*This sim is now the beginning of a family whose destiny is to survive on a small island for 5 generations, until the first child of the 5th generation becomes a Young Adult.
*Your sim is allowed to do whatever they want in order to earn money, including painting, gardening, fishing, etc.
*The only age span allowed is Normal, which is considered a life span of between 80-100 days in this challenge.
*Your sim is to live in total isolation (with exceptions when traveling, and future family), therefore, you are not allowed to speak to any mailman, paparazzi, anyone who shows up on your lot, or anywhere in the world.
*You must travel to WA or University worlds in order to meet a partner for your future children, you are not permitted to adopt. Strict travel rules must be followed.
*Everyone born on the lot or married into the family must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere (except to travel in order to find a partner).
*During a sim’s childhood you are never allowed to choose their traits, they must be randomized.
*No cheats are allowed except for when you need to reset a buggy sim or move something that’s in the way.
*You are not allowed to use mods that change game conditions for skills, moods, etc. You may use any other, non-cheaty mods. NRaas Register mod will help eliminate tourists, paparazzi, wild animals, etc. Since there is no City Hall in the world, you will need to purchase a computer for your sim in order to access the NRaas menu.

03/07/2017 Update: I need to find a different world to use for this challenge. I’ve started playing and have run into a couple of issues early on that are game breaking. Such a shame because I really liked the world I chose first.  I’m also going to change my Founder Sim to better suit the world I try next.  – One step forward, two steps back…dance with me 🙂

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