Reinstalling the Sims 3 Store

Oh gawd, I could kick myself in the behind for starting this project.  It’s been 3 years since I last reinstalled my Sims 3 Store junk, so I figured it’s about time that I made myself suffer.  I can think of a multitude of things I’d rather be doing right now, like cleaning the grout on the bathroom floor tiles with an old toothbrush.

But I have junk that I previously installed that I really don’t like at all and rather than uninstalling it via the Launcher, I’m starting fresh.  I’m sure that once I’m finished, I’ll be glad that I did this again, but I’m not feeling it right now.

I’ve moved beyond reinstalling Worlds, Venues, Sets, a Compilation, Odds and Ends and Other…now I’m ready to tackle those annoying individual items that were not included in regular Sets (or anything else).  Clothes, hair, branded and free shit.  Cripes sakes I hate that I have so much Store junk.

When I did a reinstall in 2014 I organized my .Sims3packs as much as possible and stored them away on my D: drive in tidy little folders.  I also made a handy spreadsheet that told me what I did and didn’t need to install, and how to avoid overlap as much as possible (back then I was younger and had more patience). Looking at all of this again today reminds me of the overlap the Store did, mostly with Sets and Compilations; likely on purpose, of course to make an extra buck.

Back in 2014 I cut back on what I installed via the Launcher.  This time around, I’m cutting back even more, and I’m hoping that I never get the urge to do this again.

Update: 03/04/2017
My .Sims3packs are reinstalled, yay!  It only took about a total of 5 days with a bout of stomach flu (or some bug) in between.  Damn, that was painful.
Now it’s time to clean up my .package files, if I dare to part with any of them.

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