Prison Challenge Completed!

Here he is, the 15th, and final inmate who qualified for parole and was released from Maysville Prison.

Parolee: Malcolm Landgraab
Paroled: Week 8, Day 2
Released to housing within the Riverview community
Career or Job: Returned to Medical, Level 1

Malcolm reached Level 10 in the Painting skill.














It took me almost 3 real-life weeks to complete the challenge, playing this one game exclusively.  It took 8 weeks, 2 days in Sim time to qualify 15 inmates for parole.

If you enjoy playing challenges, or are looking for a good one to start with, I highly recommend you play PolarBearSims’ Prison Challenge, found here:

Thank you PolarBearSims for sharing your awesome challenge!  I know that I’ll be playing it again 🙂

The 15 arrested prisoners who qualified for parole and were released
(Status at Week 8, Day 2):

Billy Caspian – Slob, Over-Emotional, Loner, Inappropriate, Artistic
**Girlfriend, Betty Bing
Shirley Lin – Unflirty, No Sense of Humor, Hopeless Romantic, Coward, Friendly
**Boyfriend, Don Lothario (deceased)
Don Lothario – Flirty, Hot-Headed, Commitment Issues, Schmoozer, Charismatic
**Deceased Week 8, Day 2
Elaine Joy – Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Good, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb
**Boyfriend, Hal Breckenridge (father of Elaine’s son, Jaron)
Roxie Lin – Flirty, Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Commitment Issues, Grumpy
**Boyfriend, Buck Broke
Hal Breckenridge – Commitment Issues, Flirty, Schmoozer, Coward, Great Kisser
**Girlfriend, Elaine Joy (mother of Hal’s teen son, Jaron)
Sammi Sooza – Hopeless Romantic, Over-Emotional, Great Kisser, Athletic, Computer Whiz
**Boyfriend, Bobby Boom
Betty Bing – Unflirty, Savvy Sculptor, Childish, Born Saleswoman, Diva
**Boyfriend, Billy Caspian
Bradley Bong – Good Sense of Humor, Bookworm, Good, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb
**Married to Stella, they have a son Blake (child-age), and a daughter Mara (toddler)
Biggie Bang – Brave, Hot-Headed, Athletic, Artistic, Ambitious
**Married to Marisol (formerly Lobos)
Bobby Boom – Handy, Neat, Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper
**Girlfriend, Sammi Sooza
Javon Reeves – Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Athletic
**Married to Laurel (formerly Grisby-Bayless), they have a son Andrae (toddler)
Bob Newbie – Slob, Good, Bookworm, Artistic, Diva
**Married to Hannah (formerly Jones)
MaryKay Shallow – Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Evil, Ambitious, Lucky
**Boyfriend, Maximus McDermott
Malcolm Landgraab – Bookworm, Good, Genius, Artistic, Friendly
**Girlfriend, Tatiana Ivanov

“Say goodnight Eva.”  “Goodnight Eva.”


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