One Out, One In (New Blood)

Parolee: Javon Reeves
Paroled: Week 5, Day 7
Released to housing within the Riverview community
Career or Job: Returned to Professional Sports, Level 4

Javon reached Level 10 in the Gardening skill.














With her less than charming personality, MaryKay Shallow was a tough nut to crack, but Eva chiseled away at it and was able to arrest MK at the prison.  Playing the Prison Challenge, I’m not paying as much attention to the non-actives as I normally do.  How did I allow the Shallow brats to stay in their hideous mansion after their parents died?  What did they do to deserve being worth over $300k.  Nothing.  There’s no love lost between the Shallow kids, so MaryKay is now at the prison and her brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were moved into a normal $29k house with $6k family funds.  I doubt they care, but I was happy bulldozing their monster of a house.

Inmate #0015  MaryKay Shallow
Charge: Con Artist
Entry Date: Week 5, Day 7
Prison work assignment: Gardening
Career prior to entry: Criminal, Level 6
Personal inventory upon entry: 3 books











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