Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bong!

Things didn’t go according to plan, but this is Sims, so we should expect the unexpected sometimes.

Prison inmate Bradley Bong was a smidgen away from reaching Level 10 in Gardening so I let him propose marriage to Stella Gibb.  I knew that she would accept and I planned on decorating the dining hall of the prison and letting them get married in front of the staff and inmates the day after their engagement.

Soon after Bradley proposed, Stella (apparently and autonomously) asked him if he wanted to have a private wedding, to which he obviously agreed.  I tried to cancel the action once I figured out what was happening, but it was a go and so they had their private wedding in the prison’s garden.  It was dusk and the moon was rising, and they were as happy as a Sim couple could be.  I could have quit without saving but I didn’t have the heart to make them get married “my way.”

After dinner I had Bradley read the Gardening skill book for a short time and he reached Level 10, qualifying him for parole.  He and Stella will be staying a night or two at the prison in the private living quarters, then they’ll move into their own home.

Bradley will return to the Medical career, and Stella will begin a new Science career.  Myself and Eva are going to miss Stella at the prison, but we look forward to watching over her and her new husband.  I’m sure that there will soon be little Bongs toddling in the town of Riverview.



Parolee: Bradley Bong
Paroled: Week 5, Day 4
Temporarily staying at the prison with his wife Stella in the residential quarters; they will soon be moving into their own home.
Career or Job: Returned to Medical, Level 1

Bradley reached Level 10 in the Gardening skill.


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