The Real Story – Arresting the ‘B’ Household

Because of a dwindling population in Riverview, I immigrated several households that were made up of couples and singles.  Not really happy with the new townies (all having predictably boring traits), I went into CAS and quickly put together the Bing-Bong-Bang-Boom household and randomized their traits, then I assigned them Lifetime Wishes that made sense.

After placing the B’s in town on Friday, I had my Warden visit the new residents.  Eva immediately got 3 ‘Invite Insides,’ and with not a word exchanged between them, Eva was attacked by Biggie Bang.  It was the most awesome ‘Welcome’ I’ve seen in my game in a long time.

Relationships improved and before the weekend came to a close, Eva was friends with Biggie and Bobby.  This opened the door to invite the B household over, and they came…and they were arrested.


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4 Responses to The Real Story – Arresting the ‘B’ Household

  1. polarbearsims says:

    Oooo someone’s being flirtatious 🙂 I’ve started my challenge also! I couldn’t wait for the other series to end, this just looked like to much fun 🙂

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