Prison New Hire and Parolee 2

I was ready, and Maysville Prison was financially in a position to hire a new employee.  Stella Gibb lives on-site and is responsible for keeping the prison clean; she also does the repairs and maintenance.
Since Stella is doing double-duty, I set her daily fee at $50 Simoleons.  I deduct $350 from the prison funds each Monday after paying the bill received in the mail (and crediting the prison back 20% of the bill).

I considered and dismissed adding a Bonehilda to the prison (paying a fee for her services).  Bonehilda doesn’t pick up dirty clothes and she’s never done the laundry in any of my games.  Also, when choosing who can and cannot use any given door, Bonehilda doesn’t show up on the list.

Congrats Elaine!  Eva and Stella are going to miss her.

Parolee: Elaine Joy
Paroled: Week 3, Day 2
Released to return to previously owned home
Career or Job: Returned to Culinary, Level 2

Elaine reached Level 10 in the Gardening skill.














Sammi might be into water conservation, she’s washing her plate and herself at the same time.


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