To Avoid Confusion

Just a quick note – I’m in the process of revising my posts concerning Riverview Prison/Riverview State Prison.  The lot I’m using that was created by PolarBearSims (MTS) is called Maysville Prison.

The reason I want to revise posts is that I found today that there are at least two Riverview Prisons available for download on TS3 Exchange.  I don’t want the lot I’m using to be confused for another.  I originally changed the prison name in my posts because I’m playing the challenge game in Riverview.

*And, I think I got them all changed 🙂

Side Note:  My earlier concern about not having enough funds to pay the Thursday bill in my game turned out to be nothing to worry about.  The bill was paid and I didn’t even have to sell off any duplicate books.  As a lover of books, that would be a last resort.

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