“Can’t Have Anything Nice…” (In Prison)

Because of Billy Caspian’s one track mind, I had to remove all of the computers from the ground floor.  The prisoners are not allowed to access them, but because they are on a shared level, Billy knew that they were there.  He was on a use computer/can’t use computer loop and got reset to the front lobby area where prisoners are not permitted to go.  “This is why we can’t have anything nice, thanks a lot Billy.”
Well, everything nice is now in the Warden’s private living quarters.  It’s like the inmates don’t even know that there’s a television, stereo and comfy bed on the upmost level.  Too bad the Warden is too busy right now to enjoy them.  I’ll have to work on giving her more down time.

Okay, on to the next order of business – all you single ladies in Riverview, I have an announcement to make and you’re not going to like it.  Don Lothario is no longer available, not for a while anyway, maybe never.  Yes, I nabbed me a Don Lothario.  Sometimes it’s just too easy.

Inmate #0003  Don Lothario
Charge: Stuffing the Ballot Box
Entry Date: Week 1, Day 3
Prison work assignment: Sculpting
Career prior to entry: Political, Level 2
Personal inventory upon entry: 3 books









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2 Responses to “Can’t Have Anything Nice…” (In Prison)

  1. Sounds like sneaky inmates are finding wardon’s keys lol

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    • leealeesims3 says:

      LOL! Blasted Billy might be up for parole one day soon if he sticks to the art easel on the days I’m not controlling him. I can put the computers/monitors back when he leaves. He better not pass the keys on to another inmate. They’ll all be on lock-down mode.


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