Bold Move Desirae Busch

While Warden Renshaw and the prison inmates slept, burglar Desirae Busch tip-toed toward the front door of Maysville Prison.  Little did she know; as soon as she stepped onto the property, Warden Renshaw was out of bed and on her way down the stairs to make it clear that the burglar was not welcome at the facility, at least not on that particular night.

After breakfast, the prison was all abuzz with the spreading of the news of the attempted burglary.

Elaine Joy had slept in that morning, she was feeling germy and not well at all.  Eva brought Elaine a jar of Double-Boiled Ginseng Broth from the dispensary and told her to eat it right away.  It was the perfect cure, and it gave Elaine the warm fuzzies to boot.

Warden Renshaw’s investigation into the attempted burglary led her to Desirae Busch, along with Desirae’s associates.  Desirae had disappeared off of the map, as did all of her associates but one.  Eva telephoned Roxie Lin and asked her to come to Maysville Prison for questioning.

The prison population increases by one.

Inmate #0005  Roxie Lin
Charge: Conspiracy Involving Attempted Burglary
Entry Date: Week 1, Day 6
Prison work assignment: Painting
Career prior to entry: Music, Level 6
Personal inventory upon entry: 2 books, 1 guitar, 1 Tofunda Wagon (guitar and vehicle confiscated)









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