The Prison Challenge Begins

Prison Challenge created by PolarBearSims

Prison Challenge Goal:  Get 15 prisoners eligible for parole by reaching Level 10 in a money-making skill before they die (no writing).

General Rules (see above link for more information):
*The player is not going to be able to control all of the inmates at one time.  For every 5 inmates, you get to control 1 inmate for one day (5 or less, control 1 inmate…6 to 10, control 2 inmates per day, etc.).
*Money for prison expenses is gained by selling prisoner created objects and harvestables (no outside careers, prisoners are not permitted to leave the lot).
*Bills must be paid.  The prison receives state funding equal to 20% of each bill.
*Ageing must be on;  YA 30 days, Adult 15 days, Elder 5 days.  The Warden can live forever.
*If a prisoner qualifies for parole, move them back into the community.  If they die while in prison, they did not qualify for parole and should not be counted as such.

The challenge begins!   Prison Warden: Eva Renshaw

Inmate #0001  Billy Caspian
Charge: Inappropriate Advances on Women
Entry Date: Week 1, Day 2
Prison work assignment based on skillset: Painting
Career prior to entry: Music, Level 1
Personal inventory upon entry: 1 book










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3 Responses to The Prison Challenge Begins

  1. I like this idea. What are the rules?


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