And Shirley Makes Two (Prisoners)

I can’t believe my luck, two prisoners in one day!  I invited Billy Caspian over in the morning and arrested him, then I got Shirley Lin to come over in the evening…arrested.
Billy is assigned a cell and a bed on the upper level, and I assigned Shirley a cell and bed on the lower level.  He is so very inappropriate, heaven knows what’s going to happen if and when those two prisoners get bored.  It’s going to be interesting at the very least.

Not being exactly sure of what to do with Eva’s existing funds, I let her pay the bills out of her pocket on the first Monday morning, then I lowered the household funds to $100.00 to cover costs for meals, if needed.  I’m really hoping that the prison can make enough money to pay the next bill on Thursday.  I might need to have the Warden help out by allowing her to invent some things to sell, but she’s so busy doing all the chores, and she’s responsible for increasing the prison population.  But hey, it’s been a lot of fun and this challenge is just what I needed!

Inmate #0002  Shirley Lin
Charge: Public Acts of Over-Aggression
Entry Date: Week 1, Day 2
Prison work assignment: Gardening
Career prior to entry: Medical, Level 2
Personal inventory upon entry: 1 book








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