Eva Renshaw Intro

Eva Renshaw was born and raised in Lucky Palms, and she had two of the best parents a girl could wish for.
Eva’s bravery and her love of art can be credited to her father George Renshaw, a Dynamic DNA Profiler. While credit for Eva’s natural ability in the kitchen goes to her mother, Evelyn Renshaw, a Five-Star Chef at the popular Blooming Cactus Bistro.

Uncertain about taking the career path in law enforcement or in the culinary arts, Eva decided to attend University before making her final decision. In order to win a partial scholarship, Eva improved on the skills that came most naturally to her (handiness, inventing, and cooking). After taking the University Aptitude Test, she found that majoring in Technology would be best based on her test results. She earned a partial scholarship and was awarded 18 credits; all she had to do now was enroll for two terms, pack her bag and head off to University.



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