Eva Looks for Work

With a degree in Technology, Eva knew that she could easily follow in her father’s footsteps and join the men and women in blue in law enforcement.  Having a degree would also mean that she could join the force at a higher grade and pay level.

After unpacking her bag filled with memories of her terms at University, Eva stopped by the Lucky Palms police department with hopes of getting hired.  She was saddened at the news of a hiring freeze that was placed on the department by the folks at City Hall.  With eight full-time officers on the force, the budget didn’t allow for any new hires.  Eva would have to wait until someone retired, or she would have to seek work elsewhere.

While perusing the newspaper, Eva noticed an announcement from the Riverview Public Safety Department.  They were accepting online resumes and scheduling interviews that very week.  She uploaded her resume and was invited to interview for a position in the Riverview Police Department.  Eva packed her bag, found her parents and gave them the biggest hugs ever, and then she set off for Riverview.

Eva’s interview with the Riverview Chief of Police went very well – she was personable, had good grades, was smart, fit, organized, and sane.  She expected to be offered a position immediately, so she was surprised when the Chief told her that he would like for her to meet with the Mayor right away.  City Hall had a position that they were looking to fill and they hadn’t yet found the right candidate.  Eva might just be the person that the Mayor was looking for.

The interview with the Mayor at City Hall was quick and clean.  Apparently the Police Chief had phoned the Mayor before Eva arrived.  She was offered the Warden position at the Maysville State Prison.  The prison had been empty for some time, and with new laws in place, the prison had to be opened again.  Eva would need to run the facility on her own until the population number warranted the hiring of help.

Eva needed to stock the prison refrigerator so she shopped at the grocery and purchased baked goods at Chelsea Bakery.  Maybe the inmates would show their appreciation for the sweets by cleaning up after themselves and not causing any problems.

A loud disturbance down the street caught Eva’s attention.  The disturbance turned out to be the Lin sisters fighting with one another in public (again).  Eva learned that this was normal behavior for them, public acts of over-aggression.  Eva will likely be seeing the Lin sisters again, and she expected that day would come very soon.

Eva’s new place of employment, the Maysville State Prison.  Includes private living quarters and a work vehicle.


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